How-To: Film “Bullet Time” with a Single GoPro Camera

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How-To: Film “Bullet Time” with a Single GoPro Camera
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Caleb Kraft from Hackaday sent us these videos that he created. In them, he shows you how to create a very convincing bullet time effect using a single GoPro camera and video editing software. He writes:

There was a big story last week around the web about some guys who were doing the bullet time effect with 15 GoPros. I wanted to see if I could pull the same thing off with a single GoPro and I think I did pretty well. Mine is a lot smaller and a heck of a lot cheaper. I think I spent about $30. After I made it, I realized a single bike wheel would have been a bit smoother. Oh well, there’s always version two!

12 thoughts on “How-To: Film “Bullet Time” with a Single GoPro Camera

  1. Sockatume says:

    This isn’t too far from one approach they considered for “The Matrix”. They were going to try rigging a high-speed movie camera up to some sort of rocket sled and blast it around the required path for the shot. Fortunately for the cast and crew, but not for camera salespeople, they went for the multiple-shots approach and interpolation.

    1. Caleb Kraft says:

      That’s pretty funny. It probably would have worked though!

  2. Ricardo says:

    A pretty cool approach should try this using a system similar to maglev or rail gun, were the speed could be adjusted.

  3. joe says:

    I would think you could motorize it with consistent RPM. If you were able to spin at even 240rpm, that would give you one half turn in a second.

    1. Caleb Kraft says:

      a bike wheel would be perfect for a belt drive. Super easy to build too. That would probably be the best way to go about it

  4. Simon says:

    It’s a fun technique but not really bullet time. I thought bullet time was where the motion froze and the camera changed angle moving around the subject before the motion resumed. It should work with this technique but would involve the camera moving much faster and begining and ending at a stand still.

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