Intern’s Corner: Lazyweb Camera Search

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Intern’s Corner: Lazyweb Camera Search

Here at Make: Labs we’re all about documenting the testing and building of projects. Up until recently, we interns had direct access to a small digital “point and shoot” style camera that we would use for close up detailed shots and to capture images of life in the lab. The quality was OK and it got the job done, until it decided to stop working all of a sudden. Now we are on the hunt for a replacement camera that will be versatile and handy for use in a workshop setting but has the capability to take detailed shots and possibly video.

So we pose two questions to you, dear reader:

1. Does anyone have a connection with a camera company who would be willing to send us a camera to test and review for the lab?
2. What digital cameras have you used in your workshop to document your builds?

Here is a list of features that we think the ultimate project documentation camera should support:

1. Easily mounted above work station
2. Remote triggering (possibly something we could hack for use with a micro-controller or external switch)
3. Ability to remotely adjust focus
4. High resolution (10-14 Mega Pixel range should work)
5. Ability to swap lenses
6. Option to shoot video (bonus)
7. Durable
8. User friendly

Please share your thoughts below, and if you have a camera contact please forward their information to

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