MAKE Flickr pool weekly roundup

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MAKE Flickr pool weekly roundup

From the MAKE Flickr pool

The pool saw quite a diverse batch of work come through this week. It’s very cool to see more of the original makers commenting with help and clarification. Thanks for the caring & sharing!
(We’ll announce contest winners soon – too much awesomeness to rush!)

  • DIY doorbell(s) [above, top-left] – Link
  • Vise quieting mod – Link
  • Diamagnetic levitation on a jar lid [above, top-right] – Link
  • LED sphere lamp [above, middle-right] – Link
  • Super Mario shadow box – Link
  • Bamboo aerial photography – Link
  • AVR ICSP breadboard adapter – Link
  • Aquachoppers of C.H.U.N.K. 666 [above, bottom-left] – Link
  • Serious air cannon [above, bottom-right] – Link
  • Tactile puzzle cube [above, middle-left] – Link
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