Using ThingLink’s Photo Tagging Tool

Craft & Design Photography & Video


Thinglink just released its new photo tagging tool! Thinglink, which calls itself a “conversational product catalog,” and allows users to share information about objects in photos and follow their favorite designers, had been in private beta for a while (founder Ulla-Maaria Engestrom was a columnist for the Craft print mag). This photo tagging tool adds a wonderful new dimension.
I’ve used the tags here to add information about the plants in my veggie garden as well as sharing links to where you can buy some of the seeds or other items. I can also see this working really well for crafters who want to link directly to materials online in a tutorial, or who want to show a bunch of different wares together, with links to an online marketplace. (You could create a beautiful still life with a framed print, a ceramic bowl, a woven placemat, and a vintage napkin, each linked to its product page or information about its history.) It’s a wonderful way to add layers of richness and history to an image! I’ll be using this tool going forward when I have extra information to share about the things I’m showing; let me know what you think! (Here’s a great post with a brainstorm of different ways to use the new tagging tool as well as clear instructions for using it.)

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