Pirate radio project joins graffiti artists with cellphones

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The “Future Pirate Radio” project is a combination of a cellphone application that reads QR Codes and printable stencils for graffiti artists to put up the codes on local walls. When photographed, the codes produce radio broadcasts streamed live over the Internet. Although it seems like a hard way to find a radio broadcast (searching the streets) we will most likely see more of these types of apps surface through our mobile devices.

Future Pirate Radio

2 thoughts on “Pirate radio project joins graffiti artists with cellphones

  1. lance robotson says:

    so you’re less likely to get caught and you still get to be physical and analog… but maybe something gets lost from the simplicity of being able to tune in local broadcasts with simple radio receivers? it’s not mutually exclusive either right, so you could have a website where people could “call in” or upload things into the cue of the pirate radio broadcast to be played locally over the airwaves and kind of facilitate some location specific interaction…

    not and or but both!

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