Pop Culture Quotes Hilariously Contrast With Found Paintings

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Pop Culture Quotes Hilariously Contrast With Found Paintings


Artist Morgan Gesell has a knack for pointing out the absurd in charmingly crafty ways. We’ve featured some of her previous projects, such as her latch-hooked childhood cats, as well as her latch-hooked Mrs. Doubtfire, and who could forget her poignant ‘N Sync farewell wreath? Now, Gesell has set her irreverent sights on home decor with this wry series of thrift store paintings and photographs, which she’s adorned with pop culture quotes.


Utilizing snippets of rap songs, popular slang, and even dialogue from reality TV shows, Gessel breathes new life into these forgotten pictures with each witty letter she paints.






Maybe you’ve got a few pictures of your own that could use a little pop culture quote make over?

0 thoughts on “Pop Culture Quotes Hilariously Contrast With Found Paintings

  1. Lexacat says:

    I find these rather depressing, actually. The original pictures, especially the portraits, at least have the power of sincerity. Deliberate mockery and hipper-than-thou attitude doesn’t make this nice to look at, or even interesting.

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