POV project sports a copper hand, resistor fingers

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POV project sports a copper hand, resistor fingers

From the MAKE Flickr pool

Jenine.net shared this pic of her unique copper-palmed persistence of vision box –

I’m making a “Persistence of Vision” toy, which will show a programmed message in eight red light- emitting diodes.
In the Fab Lab we have a roll of copper foil backed with a conductive adhesive. I used a knife to cut out a hand shape. (In this case, I found it faster to work this way than to use the vinyl cutter.) I covered a small metal container with a vinyl sticker to insulate the foil board from the conductive tin. I soldered some surface mount LEDs and resistors onto the copper. I still have more to do!

Very creative circuit design – have a closer look on Flickr

In the Maker Shed:


Makezinepov Crop

MiniPOV kit

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