Robots exhibit stressful states

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These two videos of robotic projects by artist Michael Kontopoulos show examples of his work that feature machines with obvious flaws. “Machine that Tries to Draw Circles” is a machine that exhibits a chaotic attempt at drawing a circle by failing miserably. The other video of “Machines that Almost Fall Over” shows hammers programmed to pound on the object supporting them in order to tip it over. Interesting take on a-life in kinetic objects with low self-esteem.

Michael Kontopoulos, via Rhizome

2 thoughts on “Robots exhibit stressful states

  1. Dave says:

    These sad suckers will occupy a good proportion of the other robots’ time with therapy and general troubleshooting. Forget reprogramming terminators, just infiltrate these little bundles of anxiety into skynet’s territory and all the other robots will suddenly become much more introspective.

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