Monster Mashup: Two Action Figures Combined to Make X-Men’s Beast

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Monster Mashup: Two Action Figures Combined to Make X-Men’s Beast


X-Men’s Beast is certainly one of the more interesting comic book characters out there. Perhaps, after seeing this excellent combination, one might consider that the Beast is actually a hyper-intelligent sasquatch that decided to dye his hair blue to disguise himself, so as to, you know, fit in with humans?


Perhaps not, but Toronto resident William, with his excellent build, at least proves that you can mash up two action figures into something even better! According to him, “I’m replacing the bad parts of the beast figure and replacing them with a better part from another figure. The chest on the original beast figure is a bad sculpt and doesn’t have an ‘ab crunch’ which is stomach articulation that makes it bend forward and backwards.

As seen in the photo set above, or more completely on his imgur page, the build took a lot of creativity and literal hacking. This included changing around parts of legs, swapping the plugs that attached Beast’s shoulders to his torso, and adding a belt buckle. William used a Dremel tool for much of it, as well as a hobby saw.

Besides cutting, he had to fill in some gaps and, naturally, had to paint the model blue. He used a technique called zenithal priming to help with shading everything, and mentions that he learned most of his skills off the Internet. Such places as The Foosh Workbench,, and parts of Reddit can be quite helpful for ideas on for this sort of thing.

According to him, he’s not the first person to make this kind of mod, crediting Pack Rat Studios as the first person to make one of these Beast-squatches. He also reports that both figures are usually available for purchase online for around 5 to 10 dollars, so it’d be a fun project to try with very little invested in parts. On the other hand, it took William over a month of work when he had spare time, so it certainly takes commitment!

[via Reddit]

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