Sew sound waves onto your clothes

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Sew sound waves onto your clothes

The “Visible Sound” project attempts to create a physical version of the sound around it by sewing sound waves in realtime. Although this was just a concept, we like ways of making invisible objects like sound waves into tangible forms.

visible Sound

8 thoughts on “Sew sound waves onto your clothes

  1. nickjohnson says:

    If they sew sound waves in real time, I’d be impressed.

    But, there’s no way on earth they’re sewing sound waves in real time.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Due to limitations in my computer programming skills this model of a stereo/sewing machine is a prototype of how I imagined the actual product would look.”

  3. AT says:

    And a “spectrogram” of the sound? ;-)

  4. ScreaminScott says:

    Here’s a cool idea, what if this was real, and then you could devise a way to play it back?

    I could imagine a cell-phone application that could take a picture of the sound wave, and convert it to and actual sound.

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