Strobe-animated LED Phenakistoscope

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In response to last week’s Codebox column on building 3D zoetropes, Lorelei Pepi posted a link to this most awesome strobe-animated phenakistoscope she built. Thanks, Lorelei!

LED Strobe Animation Device

Build a Phenakistoscope (Make: Projects)

From MAKE magazine:

Want to know how to build an auto-phenakistoscope? How about a laser light show in a lunchbox? Or a simple remote-controlled videocam car? Or maybe you want to go old-school and build a wooden mini sailboat or toy car launcher? All this and tons more, plus revealing photos of Adam Savage’s maker childhood, can all be found in MAKE, Volume 20, “For Kids of All Ages.” Get your individual copy in the Maker Shed, or subscribe now.

4 thoughts on “Strobe-animated LED Phenakistoscope

  1. Charlie Visnic says:

    This is awesome! I love the way she used the slots to control the leds. Very cool!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been working on a Make:Project for a basic 3D zoetrope. It’s taking longer than I thought to document everything. Plus my job keeps getting in the way. And my computer is dying, apparently. But those who are interested in such things, keep your eyes peeled! It’s cool!

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