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I’m all bouncy for Hugh Hayden’s tennis ball chair featured on Inhabitots. Just think fun it would be to make accompanying accessories? Tennis ball side table – hmm..that may not work. Since my tennis racquet is collecting dust in the closet, I love this idea of using tennis balls for more than just playing around.
More tennis ball inspiration can be found in our previous post on this tennis ball bench.

8 thoughts on “Tennis Ball Chair

  1. Shawn Connally says:

    Maybe you can turn your tennis racket into the side table!

  2. TheGraceWithin says:

    Not sure I’d want a dog in a house full of tennis ball furniture.

  3. Keith says:

    Seems like it would be hard to clean.

  4. thephantombloggerstrikes says:

    If the tennis balls are new and springy wouldn’t you bounce out every you tried to sit down? :)

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