The Crazy Hat Ladies of Fiesta

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The Crazy Hat Ladies of Fiesta



St. Peter’s Fiesta is a five day celebration of the patron saint of fishermen that takes place each year in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Sisters Robyn and Amy Clayton have become infamously known as “The Crazy Hat Ladies of Fiesta” for wearing their extraordinarily crafty homemade hats to the festival.

supplies for creating this year’s hats including large light slabs of foam core, pipe cleaners, glue, popsicle sticks, paint, Sculpey clay, Legos, and HO-scale model railroad figures.

The hats illustrate various St. Peter’s Fiesta happenings, including a depiction of one of the Clayton sisters wearing her hat on her hat!
This year’s St. Peter’s Fiesta will take place from June 27th through July 1st. You can also catch the Clayton sisters at this year’s Lowell Folk Festival from July 27th through the 29th in Lowell, Massachusetts.

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  1. Vicki DeLeon says:

    Love it! We do the same thing in San Antonio, TX for our annual Fiesta. Crazy hats galore.

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