Thread Replaces Paint in the Abstract Work of Nike Schroeder

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Thread Replaces Paint in the Abstract Work of Nike Schroeder


In embroidery, thread can be used to depict images, just like ink or paint can be used in drawing and painting. Artist Nike Schroeder uses thread to create abstract works that are reminiscent of paint spread across the surface of a canvas.


In a recent interview with, Schroeder described the intuitive process that informs her remarkable abstract work.

What I love most, influences and inspires me. I think sometimes I am not even aware of it – it all just happens while living.


The sheer simplicity of Schroeder’s process is what I find most appealing about her work. It’s incredible that such commonplace materials can create such stunning results when they are displayed in just the right way. My favorite thing about seeing works like this is the renewed appreciation it makes me feel for the stuff I find just lying around the house!

0 thoughts on “Thread Replaces Paint in the Abstract Work of Nike Schroeder

  1. sienna elm says:

    These are gorgeous but I can’t help but think that the upkeep/cleaning of these pieces would be a nightmare!

    1. Robbin E. Dillon says:

      My thought exactly! Perhaps it would be mounted behind glass to protect it from exposure. … or else clean it by laying netting over it, then vacuuming or blowing dust (etc? Ew!) from the threads…. but that’s why conservators get paid the big $$!!

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