This Week in Making: Sneak Peek of Volume 58, First Maker Share Mission, and More

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This Week in Making: Sneak Peek of Volume 58, First Maker Share Mission, and More

Make: magazine Volume 58

This past week, Make: magazine Volume 58 started rolling out. We have even begun to see some of you tweet at us with your thoughts and opinions of our newest volume’s cover and content. Keep them coming, we love to hear feedback from the community and see pictures of your favorite articles.

We are slowly trickling out some of the magazine’s content onto the blog. Check it out! If you like what you read, be sure to subscribe and get a digital or physical copy of our magazine. Not every article makes it onto the blog before subscribers get their magazines, so you’ll have to subscribe if you want to see all of the content early.

Call to All Makers

Do you have a Maker Share account yet? It is our new “show and tell” hub for makers to share their projects and discover new opportunities to learn, connect, and contribute. It also acts as a place where makers can provde their skills to Missions and help others. For example, this week we had a call to arms for one of our first Missions: assisting 11-year-old Malia communicate more clearly with those around her.

I urge you to create a Maker Share account if you haven’t already. If you have an idea that might help Malia, please submit it. Malia and her family will be picking their favorites, and these ideas will be included in an upcoming volume of our magazine.

Solder and Play

The TS100 soldering iron pencil is open source. You may be wondering why you would possibly want to buy an open source soldering iron. According to YouTuber and maker Joric, so you can play Tetris while you’re soldering.

Best part about this hack (in my opinion)? The solder’s tip increases in temperature by 10 degrees every time you lose a game. Better be careful!

Cosplay Celebration

Summer is always a huge time of year for event goers (like myself). Conventions just keep happening back to back to back. Some people just go for weeks (or months) in a row traveling from one city to another across the United States. This past weekend saw thousands of makers flocking to Los Angeles to attend Anime Expo, the largest event centered around anime, manga, and cosplay in North America.

Unfortunately, I was not able to attend this year. Working all week and traveling all weekend for the past two months is starting to catch up with me, so I took things easy for my 4th of July weekend. However, a few of my friends were able to find the energy to attend, and they came back to tell me stories of some of the most detailed and incredible cosplays they had ever seen this side of the Pacific. No surprise there. If you want to meet the best cosplayers in the world, then Anime Expo is the convention to attend.

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