USB connectors for DIY projects

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USB connectors for DIY projects

NeutrikusbPeter writes “Neutrik, the pro audio connector maker, was handing out samples of their new USB connector at NAMM. It’s screaming out to be be built into a DIY project, like a crazy audio USB patch bay for all these USB drums and keyboards and things that are proliferating.” Link.

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  1. jcantara says:

    I can’t get to the link, it seems down for maintenance, but here is what I do when I need a little weight in a place (like to balance out your globe hemisphere):
    Go to an automotive parts store, get a pack of wheel-balancing weights. The ones I’ve seen are always backed with really sticky tape (it holds up to being inside of an auto wheel, even through weather). You break off the amount of weight you need, peel off the backing, and stick it on the inside of the globe. Instant balance.


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