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Tina sent in a comment to the post yesterday about the laptop sleeve showing her own woven fabric sleeve. I loved the entire Flickr set showing her weaving process. The colors are beautiful and look even more amazing woven together.

Tina writes:

I started weaving a few years ago and seem to enjoy making patterns and playing with textures more than anything else. I usually don’t have an item in mind when I start. You can only make so many scarves, right?

The last class I took was basically an open studio with access to a loom for a few months. So I picked out a few of my favorite threads, pored through some pattern books to try the open, lacy parts and started. It took a few weeks to finish the weaving but only an afternoon to put the sleeve together. I really like how it turned out. The pink, peach satin shows through the lacy parts, which adds a little something.

See all the photos of Tina’s weaved fabric laptop sleeve in her Flickr photos here. – Link.

6 thoughts on “Woven Fabric Laptop Sleeve

  1. jm3@jm3.net says:

    whoa! that’s super cool. i like the colors and the idea. i can imagine a lot of folks wanting these for themselves.

  2. eyvessa says:

    That’s really beautiful!
    the word is ‘woven.’

  3. Ashley says:

    The word really is woven. The adjective form (ie the past participle) of to weave is woven. How annoying.
    Let’s look educated here, folks.

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