Wire frame Subaru sculpture

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Wire frame Subaru sculpture

British artist Benedict Radcliffe created this amazing, full-scale sculpture of a Subaru Impreza. It looks like a computer model overlayed on a street photo, but it’s real, complete with Yokohama wire frame tires.

Apparently local traffic cops weren’t pleased that the art was parked outside of the gallery on the street, as over the course of a few days, it was issued a few parking tickets!

Wire car sculpture, “Modern Japanese Classic” –Link.

6 thoughts on “Wire frame Subaru sculpture

  1. Senseless says:

    That might get you passed a radar detector…

  2. TheLoneIguana says:

    It looks like it’s getting de-rezzed.

  3. sammich says:

    now if only they made one for the automan car

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