Wood Fabric

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Bring the woods into your home with this great wood-patterned fabric. Of course fabric this cool comes from Japan. [via] Link.

8 thoughts on “Wood Fabric

  1. Caya says:

    Gorgeous fabric, and wouldn’t I love to make something out of it! But- $42/yard?!? Does anyone actually ever buy fabric at that price?

  2. stoneamazon says:

    I agree. Does anyone know where you can get similar prints for a more affordable price?

  3. design_scouting says:

    Thanks for the link to design scouting!

  4. Ann says:

    I’m looking for fabric like this with a wood print on it for my husband’s prosthetic. they can take the fabric and wrap it around the prosthetic and put some kind of polyuerathane (sp?) over it and it ends up looking like a wood leg. Haven’t been able to find fabric yet that actually looks like a wood pattern.

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