Worst. costume. evar.

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Worst. costume. evar.

And you thought there were a lot of questionable costumes at Comi-Con. [Warning: scantily clad women on the linked page]

The Worst Homemade Star Wars Costumes [Thanks, Katie W!]

30 thoughts on “Worst. costume. evar.

  1. Roach says:

    Ok, they’re terrible costumes, but they’re terrible in a fantastic way. These are the guys that may not be ready to set up a vacuum form mold, but they love Star Wars so much they’re willing to look like fools in public.

    They probably all had just as much fun making and wearing their costumes as any of those hardcore stormtroopers. Especially the Death Star dude. That’s just great.

  2. Adam says:

    Is it just me or does the guy in Death Star costume look like a young (less angry) Timothy McVeigh? http://bit.ly/xsJah

  3. Lolly Fantoly says:

    I laughing my ass off. This is funny.

  4. Frank says:

    I’m with you Roach. At least they’re out there having a go.

    The cardboard storm troppers made an effort, compared to the guy behind them dressed up as George Lucas!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Please let’s not make fun of makers. What makes this so bad, and an LED throwie cool? Making fun of others is the lowest form of comedy and I don’t read this blog for comedy. These are folks who went out and made something themselves. They are family! Why are we making fun of our own clan? Otherwise, thanks for the excellent blog. I read it almost hourly.

    1. Jennifer Elaan says:

      Hear hear. Let’s not go making fun of makers, even the less talented.

    2. zof says:

      Do you seriously think over half these people did not expect people to laugh at their costumes? My guess is most of them made the costumes to be laughed at… making fun of people, no, but it is comical. Take a second and have a breath, cut the PC and enjoy yourself.

  6. Anonymous says:

    That site is pretty mean spirited about those costumes. Those are the type of comments that go through peoples heads and prevents them from trying anything outside the box. I’m sure that site would have a field day making fun of some of the projects here.
    Very anti-maker spirit.

  7. Rufus T. Harlemberry says:

    I’ll just say what we’re all thinking. Gareth Branwyn is kind of a jerk.

  8. Volkemon says:

    @Rufus T. Harlemberry-Speak for yourself. To label you by that comment only, I might think you the same…..

    Too bad my work blocked the link for porn!:(

    But also- just because others don’t have the same talents as we do, or less of them, is no cause for poking fun…

    1. Rufus T. Harlemberry says:

      @Volkemon: Since you think I’m being too hard on Mr. Branwyn, but you haven’t seen the site he’s linked to, let me summarize it for you.

      The site refers to people who make their own costumes as people who attend “nerd conventions, nerd parties and any other nerd-based gatherings.” Juvenile I guess, but not too offensive.

      Next they refer to a group who made their own costumes as “the only thing gayer than the Gay Pride Parade.” I’m not the most politically-correct person, but even I know that’s offensive to the gay community.

      The site goes on to make fun of overweight people, children, and adults who make things out of legoes. Throw in a couple more gay jokes and references to pedophiles and you might get the picture. Now you know why it’s blocked at your place of employment.

  9. Gareth Branwyn says:

    Oh man, I was only being tongue-in-cheek, and perhaps too frivolous, with the text of my post. I actually think these costumes are awesome, and as others have said, it’s great that these folks took the time, made the effort, etc. I’ve been known for some very “questionable” costumes myself in the past, ones I’ve been (playfully) teased about, and I thought it was all in good fun. I mean only a similar playful jibe here.

    I find that, too often in the comments, people really put down a build in a way I fear might discourage people from trying their hand at making something. I shouldn’t have written anything that contributes to that environment. And for that, I sincerely apologize.

  10. RocketGuy says:

    The guy wearing the death star could have mooned us instead.


  11. Pete says:

    The funny thing is, the cardboard box storm troopers are ironic – they are not trying to make a good costume, just one that is recognizable and makes you laugh.

  12. Volkemon says:

    Meh…At home at the unrestricted command center..

    I suppose my gut reaction may have been close to yours Rufus, if I saw the site before seeing your comment.

    Thank you for your *civil* reply, and I apologize for mine.I was underinformed.

    Well, I still dont agree this link gets Gareth the ‘Jerk’ title, it is pretty lame for MAKE…Does seem to slam a lot. And contribute little except a ‘we’re better than them’ attitude.

    But it is hard to keep a blog like MAKE going 24/7, and you do have to appeal to ALL the different elements. Cant be steak all the time…..

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