Geoge Is the All-Seeing Crystalline Being, Made of Yarn

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Geoge Is the All-Seeing Crystalline Being, Made of Yarn

Walking down the streets of Denver, Colorado you may spot a strange creature clutching at the corner of a roof top. The creature moved into the neighborhood in September of 2016, and has taken roost on the building located on 2719 Larimer St. It is one part geometric enigma, and one part many-eyed monster. As you walk past the building, you can feel its many crocheted eyes softly boring into your soul. Its name is Geoge.

Geoge is the work of the Ladies Fancywork Society (LFS), a group of four best friends who “just wanna make art together basically.” Over the course of a decade, they have moved from small-scale yarn-bombings to over-sized art installations.

Photography by Jarrod Duncan

In their words: “Geoge is an all seeing, crystalline being made up of Red Heart yarn, dragon tears, and Magic.” To make him, they spent about two months crocheting the individual pieces and creating the corrugated plastic framework that gives Geoge his geometric shape. It took another two weeks to assemble the pieces together and add the structural elements that would allow Geoge to hang from the side of the building without flying off into the wind. The on-site installation only took a few hours.

“For large projects like this we spend a lot of time planning the different stages of creation and usually just split the work up pretty evenly among the four of us before attacking it like a hive of bees. We crank out a lot of crochet while hanging out together at bars, coffee shops, and each other’s living rooms, but we also spend a LOT of time in our basement lair at Lowbrow getting everything assembled,” the ladies of LFS explain.

The LFS plan on keeping Geoge up at the site for a full year, before eventually taking it down sometime in September 2017.

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