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Book Review + Giveaway: The Sewing Answer Book


Bookheader Sewinganswerbook

How do I attach a patch pocket? Which hem finishes are best for knit fabrics? Find the answers to these questions and a whole lot more in The Sewing Answer Book by Barbara Weiland Talbert. For a compact portable (It’s so cute!), you will be amazed at how much sewing information is in it. It’s literally a book you can have next to your sewing machine to look up any sort of question you may have in regards to your sewing project. The book is broken up into chapters such as Stitching Basics, Working with Patterns, Shaping to Fit, etc. I like the Needles and Thread chapter which covers in great detail how to choose the right needle for your project and gives the useful tip to start each sewing project with a new needle. I also found out some of the reasons why my needle thread or bobbin thread break during sewing. Most sewing books only graze the surface on this topic. The Sewing Answer Book also features plenty of handy charts and illustrations to help better explain what to do while you sew and how to solve your sewing problems.
Book Giveaway Time!
Three lucky CRAFT readers will win a copy of The Sewing Answer Book. Just tell us why you would like this book in the comments. All comments will be closed by Noon PST on Monday, July 26, 2010. The lucky winners will be chosen randomly and announced later on the site. Good luck!
This giveaway is now closed.

436 thoughts on “Book Review + Giveaway: The Sewing Answer Book

  1. Mackenzie says:

    I have many questions about sewing that need to be answered! Thanks!

  2. Heather Jane says:

    Strike!! I need this and I want this and it’s my birthday on Thursday, so come on…

  3. lisa says:

    I would love to win this book! I’ve been sewing for 6 years and I am far from an expert. There are always little questions I have about my sewing projects. I think this book would be great for that! And especially since it’s so compact, it can easily be right next to my sewing machine!
    Thank you for doing the giveaway!

  4. sy says:

    i love the knitting answer book, i’m sure this answer book is great too.

  5. pam says:

    I just started sewing my own clothes (so tired of buying stuff that doesn’t fit!) but I always have questions with construction and fit. Please pick me

  6. Becca says:

    I am just learning to sew and very excited about it. This would be a perfect addition to my library

  7. says:

    I’m trying to teach myself how to sew, and this would be an excellent resource to have around!

  8. stephyds says:

    i looooooove sewing but i have so much to learn! (plus how cute is that pincushion on the cover??!) thanks guys, love your site!

  9. sara says:

    This book might just be the thing. I usually just make it up as I go when I sew. I could definitely use some technique work!

  10. says:

    Because I kind of stink at sewing….I need answers!

  11. jumpyjodes says:

    please pick me! i need the help- i’m such a noob!

  12. jumpyjodes says:

    please pick me! i need the help- i’m such a noob!

  13. Nessa says:

    I just want it. I like to sew but I pretty much suck at it. I need all the help I can get.

  14. kat says:

    never sewn before though I’ve always wanted to try. Need a push…

  15. Kristen says:

    I would love to have this book. It will be a great resource for my many sewing projects running through my head. I finally got a dress form and would love to hit the ground running with it and my sewing machine.

  16. willowwolfe says:

    I am a disabled crafter and a pack rat of sorts. I have so many wonderful little (and not so little) lengths of fabric but do not have the skills to create all that my mind envisions! This book could make ALL the difference!

  17. Stephanie C. says:

    I’m still pretty remedial at sewing but wanting to learn more – this would be great for me!

  18. Dora says:

    I teach beginning sewing and this would help me answer a lot of questions my students ask. Plus it would be a great book to recommend to them!

  19. msformaldehyde says:

    I would love this book to help me sew!!

  20. Eva says:

    My mother once pointed out that I had sewn a black button on to a grey coat using bright purple thread. It hadn’t even occurred to me that color was relevant. Although I have learned to sew buttons on using the appropriate color, I am in desperate need of any assistance available.

  21. Eco Warrior says:

    This book could save me some embarrassing phone calls to my mother! This way I wouldn’t have to ask her sewing questions that I know I’ve asked her a thousand times before and could talk to her longer about other things, like food. :o)

  22. pennyinpa says:

    I’m beginning to teach my 7 year old to sew, and I think she would listen well to a book “authority”!

  23. sweetpeatx says:

    Great book. I’ve been sewing for over 50 years, but am always looking for new techniques and ideas. Thanks.

  24. thecuriomuseum says:

    This book would be wonderful because I love to make things—loads of things—all kinds of things—and I tend to resort to fabric glue and duct tape. Even in clothing.
    I will never completely abandon fabric glue and duct tape, but there comes a time in every girl’s life…
    I would love to know how to make something a little more permanent, an item with roots and all. :)

  25. sweetpeatx says:

    Great book. I’ve been sewing for over 50 years, but I’m always looking for new ideas and techniques. Thanks…

  26. Jean C says:

    This book would really help fill in the gaps. I’m an advanced beginner with one class under my belt. So, I have a little bit of knowledge and mostly doing everything via trial and error. This would be a great reference to help fill in the gaps.

  27. Doris says:

    I could sure use this book – it would save me alot of time from having to re-do things because I didn’t really know what to do in the first place!

  28. Nadia says:

    I love sewing, but everything I make is always so makeshift.
    I taught myself to sew through trial and error – with emphasis on error – it would be so wonderful to learn new and proper techniques – and this looks like the perfect book!!

  29. says:

    Oh, it would be so lovely to own this book! I almost always sew from patterns, but they never seem to give enough information to get me through the tricky parts. Having this book by my side would make my needle fly!

  30. Katydid says:

    I’m often inspired to do some crazy late night project like sew an old shirt into a dress, then I get halfway into it and realize I have no idea how to do a collar. This book would be a good reference–probably better than searching online and getting distracted by even more projects.

  31. MsCrochetS says:

    I have both the crochet & knitting versions of this book, and they’re packed full of info. I’d love to have this one to add to my sewing area. Heaven knows I can use all the sewing help I can get! Handy, cute, and fun…I want one. :)

  32. jimofoz says:

    My wife often asks me sewing questions and I don’t know much about sewing. Help keep the peace by sending me this book.

  33. maffei says:

    Omg this is going to be so helpful. I have a cute skirt that I stopped working on because I didn’t understand what I was supposed to do.

  34. Ramona Burke says:

    I totally neeeeeeed this book! please.

  35. maptome says:

    I need this book. I’m new to sewing and I know NOTHING.

  36. Craftyasiangirl says:

    I’m mostly self-taught, so it’d be great to have a reference book around for those times when I get stuck! :)

  37. Jenn says:

    Oooo I would love to have this next to my machine for reference.

  38. cherylp says:

    I’d love to be able to stash this book in the top drawer of my sewing table! I’m definitely a beginner when it comes to sewing, but I love it, and looking to get better at it. This book would almost certainly help… sometimes I have a hard time explaining over the phone just what it is exactly I’ve messed up and need to fix to my mom :)

  39. darah7 says:

    i’m trying to make clothes for my kids– like my mom made clothes for me. and. well.
    my husband sent me this link. i think he was trying to be helpful and not trying to make a point!

  40. Janna says:

    Oh my gosh do I need this book! Now when I sew I actually plan on ripping the first seam out! I don’t think 3 dimensionally is the problem…or something. LOL.

  41. Kreativeblonde says:

    I some how missed the ‘sewing gene’. I could have used a book like this when I was making my A-line skirt that turned out to need it’s own zip code! Oh, and the hem? I thought that’d be common sense…measure, cut, sew, done…but noooo, my hem ended up being a curved hem rather than straight. Yep, that’s right, a curved hem. You know, longer in the front and shorter on the sides-not the look I was going for! Oh, and I cut it too short, so I had to add a ruffle-which took 6 tries. By the time I was finished I looked at the pocket and thought, “are you kidding me!? This skirt is SO not getting a pocket”. None of the sewing books really talk about HOW to hem, they just show you how ways you can hem, but not HOW. That would have really helped me and saved me a lot of time. People like me need a book that answers all those other questions that start with: “How the heck do you _______?”
    For some it may be common sense, for the rest of us, we just need a little more help.

  42. RemadeRemedies says:

    I am a current college student who is trying to make her way through school with an English/Theater double major. I hope to go into costuming for theater and in order to do that I am trying to build up a sewing guidebook library. As an English major I have a huge appreciation for print…Yes, I may be able to find some of the information on the internet but I love being able to page through a book and read text. As a college student money is tight so this would be great…….

  43. says:

    Solutions and answers to everything? Of course I want this book! It also might help motivate me to sew which I like to do but don’t like to set up.

  44. practicallydomestic says:

    I am just learning how to sew and I don’t have anyone close in the family to ask questions to!

  45. Kristen says:

    I’m a self taught sewing enthusiast who can always use a little help along the way : )
    Thanks for the chance!

  46. Roman says:

    I love to sew, and I don’t have all the answers. I would very much like to improve my skills. AND, it WOULD be fun to win something. :)

  47. kellyknu says:

    i would like this book so i can actually finish my sewing projects!

  48. CindyLou says:

    Although I should be singing “My Favorite Things,” because sewing is one of my favorite crafts. I’ve gotten away from it for awhile, but I’m itching to get back to it. This little book could give me the jump-start I need to renew my sewing confidence and perhaps to learn a new trick or two! And, if it’s as great as the “Crochet Answer Book,” I’m sure I’ll love it!

  49. sjgill77 says:

    my mom is a seamstress. i have not taken the time to learn. i broke my leg in a car accident recently and am unable to do alot. i would love to learn. it would give me something to keep myself busy and maybe i can impress my mom.

  50. stblaize says:

    Always looking for books for the sewing co-op where I volunteer. This one looks like a gem.

  51. teresita says:

    I would love to get my hands on that book because I love sewing.Great giveaway!

  52. Tlharder says:

    I learned how to sew from my mom when I was about 10 or 11. I sewed all through middle school and high school, but didn’t really do any sewing since then. It has been almost 15 years since I finished high school and I am just getting back into sewing. I would love this book to help me as I get back into sewing and try to make projects around the house, but also my own clothes, and do my own alterations.

  53. loulapunk says:

    i’d like to win this book because I suck at sewing and I don’t want to suck any more. Also, because I have a little kid that will need lots of costumes in a couple of years and I want to be able to make them for him. Thanks!

  54. Carrie G says:

    I don’t really know why I have to follow the pattern exactly, I’m sure there are many good reasons. This book would reign me in and help me follow directions – just like in school!

  55. tracyloopers says:

    because my grandmother isn’t here anymore to help and I think I can teach the kids I teach to knit and crochet, to sew…having the right answers ;)

  56. jojoebi.designs says:

    type of sewist this book would be really handy, it might keep my 4 year old ‘why,why,why’ son quiet for a while too!

  57. Lora1967 says:

    I would like to win this book to help further my sewing skills. i have six children and sonetimes make their clothes and could really use the help

  58. Lora1967 says:

    I would like to win this book to help further my sewing skills. i have six children and sonetimes make their clothes and could really use the help

  59. Amy says:

    Would love to get this book as I am fairly new to sewing.

  60. Funnyfinn says:

    I would love this book to solve all my problems… because most of them are sewing related, and if they’re not, they’re related somehow!

  61. thatgrrl says:

    I could probably finish sewing projects in half the time if I actually had a source to turn to for answers

  62. veronicanotbetty says:

    I have two children. They are three and one, chubby cheeked and wide-eyed, and always looking to their mother for attention and snacks. When mommy gets frustrated because a seam is not going along according to plan these adorable children may have to wait an extra few minutes for their pretzels and games of High Ho Cherry-Oh!
    It’s so tragic…
    I appeal to you for help – think of them and alleviate my frustrating sewing problems. Give me the cute book.

  63. CinnamonSass says:

    I love sewing, but really never got past the novice stage (another ADHD crafter). I have three little ones who love to sew, and it’d be wonderful if they advanced beyond the level I did at their ages.
    My 11-year-old daughter has her own sewing machine and this book would be perfect for both of us! I’d be able to teach more to the younger two (a 9-year-old boy and 7-year-old girl) the right way of doing things – and answer their questions accurately!

  64. JamesWife says:

    I am a mom of 3 children and have knitted for them for a few years now, I have finally taken the plunge into teaching myself how to sew and there is SOOO much I don’t know! This book would help me make clothes for my kids that look professional.

  65. CinnamonSass says:

    We came up with the same ploy :D

  66. sarahekd says:

    I’ve needed a sewing reference book around for when googling my frequent noob issues is inconvenient. This one would be awesome :)

  67. mentalseamster says:

    I’ve been looking for a very comprehensive book like this

  68. pqamyp says:

    I am petrified of sewing, but evidently not petrified of purchasing fabric. This book would be a God send!

  69. Cathy C says:

    I would love to have this book…it looks like it would be a fantastic reference books to all those sewing questions that I have!
    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  70. Cathy C says:

    I would love to have this book…it looks like it would be a fantastic reference books to all those sewing questions that I have!
    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  71. burrillcoffee says:

    I have a friend that does not think that she can sew. I really want to give her this book.

  72. familyvolley says:

    I have recently fallen in love with sewing again. I was taught when I was young and have dabbled through the years, but now, now I can’t get enough. This would be the perfect book to help refresh my memory.

  73. Bonnie says:

    Maybe with this book at hand, I could stop jumping up from my sewing machine to consult the Internets. Not that I don’t need the exercise…

  74. ThreeInaRow says:

    i’ve caught the sewing bug in the last year or so, and i know there are many techniques for me to master (and probably correct!) this would a great resource to have on hand!

  75. senzhan says:

    I’m just promised to sew a full length staff and bokken carrier for my ninja partner and I have only very rudimentary skills. Help a crafter, help a ninja, make the world a better place.

  76. melissa says:

    i’ve wanted to learn to sew (properly) for ages. and now that i have got a new sewing machine as a gift this book would help a ton in learning what to not do wrong from the beginning!

  77. Eileen says:

    This would help me work with my nineteen-year-old who only believes what I say in how to do something with back-up. That is, current, written, back-up.

  78. greeblygreebly says:

    I’m trying to teach myself to sew and I’m sure this book would help me get beyond sewing things made up of straight seams and no patterns. (I’ve made a looot of bags.)

  79. Sew Hoping says:

    A funny thing happened on my way to becoming a famously crafty, I seldom complete projects because they seem hopelessly complicated. My garage is filled with half-started sewing projects, seriously!
    Sure do hope I’m selected by my FAVORITE blog website to win this sewing book, learn a thing or two, and overcome my half-craft problem.
    Thanks, Craftzine!

  80. befadee says:

    This book sounds like a fabulous addition to my reference shelf. I’m sure it’d be dogeared in no time!

  81. Sleep Goblin says:

    Me and my sad sewing skills always have questions that need answering…

  82. lovethyscent says:

    Would love to win I could really use the help lol. Jen

  83. mxld says:

    I’m currently trying to teach myself to sew & this would be SO helpful. I successfully taught myself to knit but I am not having the same luck with sewing. I would love to win his book!

  84. mereornament says:

    i was given an amazing bernina sewing machine over a year ago and am so intimidated to use it. something always comes up leaving me without a successful outcome–not so great for pushing a perfectionist on! i would love to have a resource to go to with information about the basics! thanks!

  85. Dragongirl says:

    I love to sew, but I’m still a beginner, and this book would be of immense help to me! Plus the cover photo is just gorgeous and it would look great on my coffee table. :D

  86. says:

    I would love this book as I often have to mnake my own patterns for things & have to guess & use trial & error. I’m paralysed on 1 side, so any help or pointers at all are very helpful.

  87. Kenners says:

    I would like the book because as I just kind of picked sewing up, mainly through trial and error, some actual guidance on on specific things would be mighty handy!

  88. Adélia says:

    I’m a beginer on sewing. I bought myself a sewing machine a year ago, but I barely use it, because I have to spend much time trying to make the perfect stitches, etc. I have tons of great ideas going on on my head… now I just need this fabulous book to make it happen ;)

  89. kunni says:

    because my bobbin keeps breaking and tune of my sewing machine will be $100. I would love to find the answer myself!
    Kunni Biener

  90. nyht19 says:

    I’m still a novice at sewing and I don’t have anyone to ask when I have questions/problems. This book looks like it would be an excellent resource.

  91. LSTinVA says:

    I have a machine that is WAY more advanced than my paltry skills… would love to tap into its full potential! What a wonderful resource the book would be :)

  92. Mariette says:

    Having this book would be like having an expert at your side whenever you need her! This would be SOOOO wonderful!

  93. psart says:

    I love reference books. I am an artist & crafter that teaches others this joy.

  94. Sarah says:

    I need this book because I can’t keep calling my Mom every time I have a question!!

  95. adrea says:

    Just thinking about how much time and stitch ripping out this would save makes me very very happy!

  96. Rebekah says:

    This looks like a great resource. It would be really helpful to me as I work on my sewing projects…I often find myself having to get up in the middle of sewing to browse the internet for answers to my sewing questions.

  97. rebekah says:

    This book would be a great reference for me as I teach my daughters to sew!

  98. pfenn says:

    I need this book! I want this book!

  99. Sheri says:

    It sounds like it would answer any question I had about sewing, like how to sew a circle bottome bag without getting frustrated!

  100. Sheri says:

    This looks like it would be a great book to answer any question I had about sewing, like how to sew a circle bottom bag without getting frustrated!

  101. flamenquita says:

    I’ve become geeen repurposing clothes. This book will answer so many questions!!!

  102. Jen says:

    Hi – I’m teaching myself to sew (and loving it, by the way!).
    I have plenty of “huh?” moments, though, and this book could be the perfect cure – getting me out of “huh?” and back to what I love – sewing!
    Thank you for this chance to win a copy!

  103. Kate says:

    This book sounds like just what I need! I’m about to venture into the world of making my own clothes for the first time, and I have so many questions about fitting and patterns because I’m going to have to alter everything for my height.

  104. DreamsofYarn says:

    I’m a self taught sewer with the power of the internet behind me but would love to have a little answer book at hand beside the machine for the questions that pop up!

  105. ~Heather says:

    When I’m sewing, I’m always talking to myself, sometimes in the form of a questions… I’d be wonderful to have a book like this one to give me some answers to those queries!

  106. loreal says:

    No matter how long you have been sewing there is always something that you do not know the answer to. An answer book is a great reference book! It would fit very nicely in my sewing library!

  107. jlonik says:

    I am a brand new at sewing and just bought a sewing machine that I finally am understanding how to use. I have no idea about different fabrics/threads/sewing techniques/etc and am trying to start sewing some of my own clothes so I would definitely like to learn!

  108. says:

    You don’t know how badly I need this book. The only reference I have is badly beaten up with pages missing.

  109. moerita says:

    I’m the crafty one in the family. And my girls think I know it all….if they only really knew! Having this book will allow me to continue to teach them and save tons of research time in answering their questions. Not to mention what a wonderful teaching tool on it’s own.

  110. piccadillous says:

    I’m just trying to get into sewing more seriously, and I would love to have all the answers! :)

  111. Beth Hempton says:

    omg, i would LOOOOOVE to have this book. just last night i spent about an hour searching online for an answer to why my bobbin thread kept getting all tangled up. the answer turned out to be that my machine just wanted a few drops of oil. DUH! so yeah, i could really use a book like this! : )

  112. kate B says:

    I’m learning how to sew the same way I learned how to knit–just jump right in and do it! Having a source to answer lots of little questions that I have would make my learning curve a lot shorter!

  113. librarylil says:

    I’m a quilter, so I mostly do straight seams, and would love to be able to expand my sewing horizons. Plus, I’m a librarian, so anything that answers questions is like super-bonus!

  114. Leslie Jankowski says:

    I’m an avid (if a bit sloppy) sewer. I learned by watching my mother when I was little–she sewed most of my clothes–and from trial and error now. It would be really helpful to get some tips and tricks to save myself time and money! Also, I just found out I’m expecting in March, so I’d really like to make a bunch of clothes for my own child!

  115. gakreiner says:

    I am getting back into sewing after many years and have forgotten so much since I first learned. This would come in handy.

  116. Ann says:

    This would be a big help as I re-teach myself to sew!

  117. thigpensrevenge says:

    I just got a machine for my birthday…teaching myself slowly. This would certainly help!

  118. jbartistic says:

    I’m taking sewing classes this summer and I need a reference book while I’m at home doing my homework :)

  119. inky says:

    I want this book because I have so many questions!

  120. Pirate says:

    …but never knew how!

  121. Shelly says:

    Everything I know about sewing I’ve learned just by experimenting myself – I don’t know why I never thought of getting a book! This would probably help me up my (rather mediocre) sewing skills and maybe I could actually finish all those projects I have lying around! My mom also recently handed down her mini sewing machine to me and I’m clueless as to where to start with it, so this might give me the info I need. Thanks!

  122. JeansCouldUseHelp says:

    I’ve been sewing on and off for about 30 yrs and I still have a lot to learn. I’ve always just figured it out or asked a friend a question to a certain problem here or there. I would love to have this book!

  123. ammieloris says:

    Adorable, indeed! Why is it that every time I am faced with a zipper I freak out? Surely this little sweetie would help me tame those fears, as well as take a moment to consider my next move before barging ahead with a hem that stretches out my knit fabric! ;) Could I use this book? Of course!

  124. Mused says:

    I am trying to start sewing more, and in doing so, need to learn more than the absolute basics. I would love to have this book to help.

  125. karielinnf says:

    I would LOVE a copy of this book! I have owned my sewing machine for 5 years and have never used it.

  126. Emory says:

    Even as I gain more and more experience in sewing I’m still amazed by how much I don’t know, or the simple stuff I just forget. Having a book like this by my side would be wonderful!

  127. TiaMaria says:

    I need this. I’m enamored with the idea of finally becoming competent with sewing, but am unable to attain those heights on my own through trial and (many, many) errors. Hearing about a whole chapter dedicated to picking the right thread and needle for a project has me swooning. It’s true! I’m actually on my actual fainting couch, having swooned from the overwhelming emotions brought on by the thought of at last having my endless sewing questions answered, and in one cute volume.
    Also, it’s my birthday next week, and I’ve been very good this year.

  128. bethanye says:

    I am teaching myself to sew on a Freecycled Sears Kenmore. I know the basics of using a sewing machine and sewing by hand but get overwhelmed whenever I try to work from a pattern. I love to sew but have so much to learn before I can make something I can wear!

  129. Tracy hanson says:

    40 years of Sewing and still I don’t always know what to do-
    This Book would be my Bible to sewing Heaven!!!

  130. duckie says:

    I’m teaching my daughter to sew and, just like her mother, she doesn’t like to follow patterns. I think this book is just what we have been looking for! We need a book that tells us how to do certain things without telling us what to make.

  131. Never A Plain Jane says:

    I a in the process of starting my own accessories business and have been busily sewing sample stitches on every type of fabric imaginable to see what works. This would be an amazing addition to my library. I could definitely use the help.

  132. Never A Plain Jane says:

    I am busily trying to launch my own accessories business and have been sewing sample stitches on every fabric scrap I can find just to figure out what works with what. This would be an excellent resource!

  133. psart says:

    & my email box is overflowing how do I get it to stop

  134. Rous2784 says:

    I would sit down and read that book cover to cover, thus letting the information soak into my sponge-like brain. Then when I get together with my Mother or Grandmother to sew I could see their utter confused looks on their faces. The student hath become the master. No more strings of late night calls to them asking questions that get answered as sew, “Just wait until the morning dear, then I can sew it for you.”
    Plus, I would finally be able to make useful things like clothing that doesn’t fall apart in the washing machine and purses that don’t have multiple holes that are only discovered after I turned the hole purse right side out through a dime sized hole. Oi! How my brain would love such a treasure…

  135. SadieJaneKnits says:

    This is an amazing giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity! :)

  136. polkadottedsheep says:

    I’m just getting back into sewing after a long hiatus. A good recent reference would be handy.

  137. luvmygirlies says:

    Although I have been sewing for a while, I still have questions. This will be a perfect reference tool. Would love to win one! Thanks.

  138. pieKnits says:

    I got the baking book i the series and loved it so much went out and got the gardening one. The sewing one would be perfect as I still have so many questions while learning to sew!

  139. Sav O'G says:

    I could totally use this book–I have three new sewing machines and I NEED to use them and learn how to sew!! THANKS:)

  140. ThunderMama says:

    I would LOVE to have this book. I’ve forgotten almost everything I learned all those years ago in Home Ec, but I really want to start sewing for my family. I have some of the other Answer books–would love to add this one to my collection.

  141. Alexis Geissler says:

    I have a sewing machine and have taken a few classes but feel so helpless when I sit down to actually use it. This would be so helpful!

  142. uyek says:

    I have a very good sewing book but it is huge and not exactly the type of book to keep by the sewing machine. Especially since I have to put everything away when I finish each time!
    Also, it’s great but it dates from the seventies. There must have been a few developments in sewing since then. This book should bring me up to date.

  143. says:

    As a novice sewer who still has no clue what she’s doing, I could really use this book! :)

  144. Bonney says:

    I know I could put this book to good use. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve decided to ‘wing it’ and ended up with a disaster. Sounds like this book may have the answers even if I don’t know the question!

  145. Katya says:

    I’m still new to sewing, and I think I’m starting to annoy my mother and my friends with all my questions. Please, save my relationships!

  146. akmiles says:

    I am a largely self taught sewer who can follow a pattern (most of the time) but is trying to strike out on her own and get more complex in my skills. I think this book would help me do just that! Please?!

  147. Toni says:

    If this little book is anything like The Knitting Answer Book then it rocks. I’m new to sewing and would love to have this handy reference book!

  148. Rosalie says:

    This looks like a lovely book and I hope I am a lucky winner. Thank you.

  149. jdoan says:

    I have a lot of questions about sewing, and this book would be a great guide!

  150. Beckysews says:

    I have been sewing for 40+ years but I still have questions!
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  151. sewingdebman says:

    my mom taught me to sew and at first I sewed for myself, now with my family I am asked to fix well loved pockets, change patterns, sew gifts and lend my sewing maching to my daughters and friends – having this book would teach me and I could share it with them so they can learn too and the torch can be passed on

  152. VinChic Designs says:

    I am a novice sewer who simply can’t afford fashion design school and am at work when classes are offered at the local sewing shops. There are so many questions that I am desperate for answers to so that I may increase my skills and the quality of the products I produce.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  153. albuquirky says:

    how to sew and I have a heap of questions. This book looks lovely!

  154. Cyn says:

    I am just learning how to sew and don’t know how to do anything! I would love this book.

  155. longlifelove says:

    I love to sew more than anything, but there is still a lot I have to learn and questions I need answered. Things like working with patterns and putting in zippers.
    I think this book would a great help to me.

  156. korirae says:

    I am an intermediate sewer and would love to improve my skills. This book would find a lovely home in my craft room. Thanks for considering me!

  157. Michael Mutalipassi says:

    So, I am an avid cyclist. I saw the simple design on the Craft Magazine about making a bike seat cover. I thought to myself, wow, I need a bike seat cover. I bought a sewing machine on craigslist for $20, and I made myself a bike seat cover. It turned out so well, I made one for a friend as well. Then, I decided to make a frame bag for my bike. I bought some ripstop nylon and some zippers and went at it. Many hours later, I had a frame bag that fit the bike perfectly. Now, I want to make some even more advanced projects. I bought some canvas, and decided to make paniers for touring. I have been planning what they should look like, and realized I wanted pockets on the outside, but that I do not know how to sew pockets on the outside. Then, I read the description of this book. It says right in the description that it will teach me how to sew patch pockets on the outside of my bags. I bet it will teach me a lot more. Especially, since, so far, I have been making it up as I go. I am really excited at the prospect of learning how to sew properly.

  158. NatalieDraz says:

    Due to my quirky personality, I almost never want to actually start projects with a pattern. I rather strike out in a bold new frontier on my own and inevitably retreat back to the web-saloon in order to solve the various obstacles that crop up. Having a handy dandy pocketsize book o’ answers would be much appreciated on the sewin’ trails…

  159. Jenny says:

    This book looks great! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to stop in the middle of a project with some silly little sewing question holding me up. I’d love to have this on hand!

  160. Miss Muffin says:

    as it would totally cut down my online (googling) time to find answers to my sewing questions as I am working on projects! ;-)

  161. kmstoc3 says:

    I am new at sewing and really DO need every question answered.

  162. kate morar says:

    this book would make my day! i am currently working on a hand sewn art piece and this book would make an excellent reference so i can successfully complete and polish my work.

  163. Malinda says:

    LOL – entry close date is my birthday, but I really want this book because I always get stuck on things EXACTLY like you mention – how do finish this cuff. what’s the best way to make a pocket. I think if I had a reference like this, I’d sew a lot more.
    Can we have facebook connect to comment?

  164. caracolina says:

    I’m a newb seamstress and this sounds like a great book to help with my many questions that I invariably stumble over during a project. Thank you for another great giveaway!

  165. Rosebudlia says:

    My mum taught me everything she knows about sewing and we now have regular crafternoons making brilliant things (I am making a top at the moment with the most amazing watermelon slice print!) – but now that she has taught me everything she knows we both get stuck on the same problems! I’d love this book to keep our sewing sessions from losing their momentum – thank you!

  166. aggie00 says:

    I want to become a better seamstress!

  167. qriouscrafter says:

    …because I have too many unanswered sewing questions!

  168. Mirmandy says:

    No Way! I need this because I usually have to look in five different books to find the answers to my questions. And having one by my sewing machine? Heaven!

  169. jilybrat says:

    I would love to win this book!!! This would prevent me from improvising on something i wasn’t sure of (usually the consequences are pretty bad) or even worse from having to phone my mother for help!!!

  170. jewels says:

    Of course!

  171. ali says:

    I’d love to win! I’m just learning how to sew and this book would be great.

  172. PJ says:

    I have the Knitting Answer Book, and I can’t begin to count the number of times I’ve turned to it and found the help I needed.
    If the Sewing Answer Book is even half as well-written as its knitting counterpart, I have to have it in my library! Would LOVE to win it; thanks for putting on the contest!

  173. Campy says:

    All work and no play make me go crazy! Sewing keeps me sane while I’m writing my dissertation, and this book would keep me even saner!

  174. Primdoll says:

    This would be an awesome book to have! I have started back sewing again and I am always trying to figure out ways to do things! this is a perfect book!! I would LOVE to win!!

  175. thereluctantcraftster says:

    I taught myself to sew a few years ago on my mom’s avocado green singer from the 60’s. There are definitely some techniques that I need to hone though. I would hope that this book would help my projects look a little more finished. Plus I usually love the books that are posted on this site

  176. HeidiK says:

    I’ve just started learning to sew seriously and am always looking for tips!

  177. says:

    I know no one nearby who sews, and so turn to the internet for my questions. It’d be nice to have answers more portable than my desktop.

  178. juliet says:

    i love to sew but i definitely need help. there is still so much that i need to learn.

  179. dst says:

    I think its time to use a needle and thread instead of seaming tape and my stapler….just a thought.

  180. swolcheski says:

    I’m struggling to learn to hand sew, this would be so helpful!

  181. arguinglulu says:

    This book is an answer to anyone’s sewing prayers! It’d be great to have a go-to source.

  182. ambrerose says:

    Now I can stop calling my mom with every little question when I am in the middle of a sewing project! I would love to have this at my fingertips!

  183. suburbansafari says:

    With two three-year-olds I get precious little time to sew; too much of that time is taken up wondering how to do something, why it didn’t work, and how I can possibly fix it! Skipping these tedious steps would be useful, to say the least.

  184. norarachel says:

    I am a self-taught sewer, which in my case means that I go along happily until I get to something I don’t know how to do. Sometimes I can figure it out with the help of google, but sometimes I am left kind of wandering my way through a project, knowing there is a better way than the way I am doing things. I need help!

  185. Just-in says:

    I’ve just started my adventure with sewing and have lots of questions so me and this book would seem to make quite a nice pair ;)

  186. UnicornChow says:

    Why do I need this book? Because I am a beginner at sewing and I want to do more than the basics. I can make a basic this and a basic that, but even those don’t come out nice. I would LOVE to be able to add pockets and zippers without trying to lug my computer over the sewing table to try and read a tutorial why I’m working. A book would be much easier to work with, when I’m trying to make something. :) Good luck to all!

  187. wishfulthinking says:

    Everyone should have their own library of reference books…in case you don’t have access to the internet! Plus, books are just lovely. I could use this.

  188. Caitlin says:

    I always try to out think myself on some of the more simple answers. It would be lovely to have a beautiful reference book!

  189. Karen says:

    Thank you for the giveaway. I love to sew, but often need to go searching for answers. This book looks like it would be such a great reference for me.

  190. Kim O says:

    I always have so many questions but often get so lost and confused in the maze of internet google searches that I usually give up the project or do a less-than-stellar job! A quick reference book would be amazingly helpful for my productivity and efficiency!

  191. laulaa says:

    Because I’m a beginner and right now I direct all my sewing questions to friends who are very busy, and I need to give them a break!

  192. Bianchs says:

    I would love to win the book because I just bought my very first machine and am trying to learn how to sew! I’m very petite and have to have everything altered. I decided to learn to sew so I can fix my clothes and those of my family and friends myself. And I love fashion and to create!
    Thank you.

  193. IrellaVent says:

    ‘Nuf said.

  194. rosebanana says:

    I need this book because I am like a babe in the woods when it comes to sewing.
    I love it dearly, but so many steps in even the simplest pattern leave me feeling bewildered. I just completed my first serious project (put in a zipper with mixed results, although so far it has survived some wear) but I could really stand to improve on the details that they so often glibly gloss over in the instructions.
    And buttonholes still seem like the big, bad wolf to me. So, my first question is: who’s afraid of the big, bad wolf? The answer: me. But with a little help from a handy reference book, perhaps I would stand a chance…

  195. dinergirl says:

    Oh, yes, the interwebs is a wonderful thing, but sometimes you don’t want to drag a big ol’ laptop into the craft room. How lovely it would be to have a nice little reference guide that doesn’t take up the whole sewing table.

  196. Alex says:

    I’d love to have this book because my mom’s a seamstress and costume designer – how great would it be if I could knock her socks off with newfound sewing skills on my next visit?

  197. Ellen says:

    I’m just getting into sewing and keep having to stop and try to google things, especially the hand sewing finishing touches. I can’t ever remember any stitches. I reference to leave next to my machine would be excellent and quite the time saver. Come on random number generator. Pick me.

  198. PenguinBot says:

    I’m always looking to expand my sewing library!

  199. kaye77 says:

    this would be a great addtion to my sewing library, and perfect size when I start to teach my son to sew!
    Cheers Jenny

  200. Reyna says:

    I don’t own many books, as I prefer to borrow what I need from a library – that way, the resources that went into creating the book can be used by many more people. However, this is a book that I would use over and over in my quest to learn how to repair, repurpose, reuse and reinvent all things made of fabric! I would love to win it, and thank you for the opportunity.

  201. Emi says:

    I’ve been sewing for a while, but I know next to nothing about it. I just jump into projects and find that I’m in over my head. This would be a seriously awesome resource for me!

  202. ponderonit1 says:

    I really want to win this book because I’ve gotta know the answers!

  203. Amie says:

    Pretty please with sugar on top?
    I have a new sewing machine sitting in my closet from Christmas 2 years ago, and I really want to re-learn how to sew!

  204. mango says:

    My newly-formed dance team needs swishy skirts to fit our various body types. The Shaping to Fit chapter would help me get them to fit right. Thanks!

  205. ChickyJen says:

    I just started sewing a couple months ago. I’m a self-taught crafter on a budget and I’d love to have this book on my shelf.

  206. Nalie says:

    I allways need help!!

  207. Monica says:

    I want to pass down all the knowledge and techniques I can to my five granddaughters. Two are old enough and are learning, the other three not for a while. They love it! I’ve been sewing 35+ yrs but some things I just don’t know how to do and some things I just don’t know how to do well. Looks like a great book.
    Thank you!

  208. gabby says:

    I am continuing to learn how to sew on my own and this book would be very helpful especially if it is as good as it’s sister the crochet book that has helped me so much with my crochet….thanks hope i win

  209. Jillian says:

    Beyond a basic tote bag, I’m hopeless. Need a life preserver like this before I drown here in beginner land.

  210. Clare Forstie says:

    I’d love to win this book! I’ve been looking to get back to my sewing roots. Here’s hoping!

  211. tishous says:

    I am a terrible sewer and maybe, just maybe, this book is the perfect fixer for that!

  212. Natalya says:

    I pretty much saw by intuition; perhaps it’s time to do it more professionally.

  213. collington says:

    Why do I want this? Because I got a sewing machine for Christmas and I’ll I’ve been able to do is get it threaded… so it’s not a matter of why I want the book; it’s why I NEED the book.

  214. TaoArtGuy says:

    First ever sewing machine is arriving on Tuesday! The wife and I could sure use this book.

  215. mygenaddy says:

    I’d love a book like this because I am mostly a self-taught seamstress. My mom started me out when I was a kid, but I didn’t sew for years until recently. Now I just search around online if I don’t know something, and I’m doing more and more sewing. Would be nice to have such a handy reference.

  216. ecj0320 says:

    New to sewing! This would be so helpful & wonderful to have!!

  217. CleverPuss says:

    I’m a self-taught sewer and unfortunately it takes me quite a long time to do a project where I feel it will hold up to time and has the basic elements that make a piece look professionally made. A book would be so so so helpful in my quest to start making my own clothing!

  218. loura says:

    I’m teaching my three girls how to sew this year and would love to have this book for a reference !

Comments are closed.

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