Intern’s Corner: Crash Course in Chicken Knitting!


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By Meara O’Reilly, projects intern
When I started interning at CRAFT magazine, my skills and interests tended more toward soldering and sawing than knitting and sewing — but I was ready for a crash course! Of course I’d knitted a few scarves growing up, and taught myself to crochet just by messing around with yarn, so I thought learning how to knit objects would be cinch!
I’d had a great time knitting the hyperbolic baby pants from CRAFT Volume 06 and was really excited about learning how to mold different shapes and build my stitch repertoire, so the reversible Chicken-and-Egg knitted puppet (also from CRAFT Volume 06) seemed like a logical next step.
By the time it came down to finishing the project, though (to show it off at the CRAFT booth at the Craftaluma fair in Petaluma, Calif.), I was running around 24/7 helping my sister get ready for her wedding, so time got a little tight! I actually stayed up all night knitting the chicken-and-egg the night before the fair, desperately trying to finish it up (a memory my poor hands will not forget soon!).
But on the bright side, I will also never forget these basic stitches and tips that I learned, courtesy of a few benevolent YouTube mavens:

Long tail cast-on from Link

Knitting in the round from Stitch Diva ( Link
Knit one front and back (k1f&b) from The Knit Witch ( Link

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