New Sewing Patterns Up at Fitzpatterns


Fitzpatterns Newpatterns032007
There’s some new patterns up at the Fitzpatterns site and Lisa Howdin’s also added some cool new features.

Lisa says:

there are two new frock patterns up on the site now. Both are done with the new broader size range (large is bigger, small is a bit smaller). Now that the new site is up and running more I’ve got more time to create new patterns. So what is new? The new patterns:

  • start with a ‘7’
  • are based on a bigger, uniform size chart
  • have guides on how to stick the tiled pieces together
  • have markers showing you how to layout the fabric out for both 115 and 150 widths
  • have a nifty little note section

Get the Marianne Minidress pattern ($3) or the Amy Summer Dress pattern ($3), and see the rest of the pattern collection at – Link.

From the pages of CRAFT:
Lisahowdin Feature
Digital Subscribers can read more about Lisa Howdin in my article in CRAFT:02 pgs 52-53 “A Perfect Fit” – Link.