That Girl! KAL: Collar Progress


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I’m currently working on the collar of my That Girl! Summer Jacket which I am making in the neutral beige linen color. Ever since Nikol posted up her KAL variations, I’m now fancying the option of a mini tie for the sleeves. I haven’t decided yet but am glad I can decide once I get to the sleeve area. If you are interested in knitting along with us, please join our That Girl! Summer Jacket KAL Flickr Group.
Illustration: Lion Brand Yarn
The first stitch of the project is a slip stitch purlwise. Generally, if it isn’t noted in a pattern it should be assumed to be done purlwise so that the selvedge edge of the project will look neat. To do this, simple insert your right knitting needle into the left needle as if you are going to purl the first stitch. Instead of purling, simply transfer over that single stitch to your right needle.
For more directions, see the slip stitch page in Lion Brand Yarn’s Library of Knitting and Crochet.
In knitting this project, I’ve been using my Denise Interchangeable Knitting Needles. I reviewed these in the first issue of CRAFT: 01, and they’ve been a knitting essential ever since. It has saved me from buying new needles each time I start a knitting project. The cool thing about these needles is that I’ll be able to extend the circular area of the needle as I knit. Since I’m starting out with just the collar right now, to keep things from tangling up, I’m using a smaller length of cord. To add on more lenth, I simply take off one end of needles, add an extender piece and add on another length of cord to extend it. I don’t need to take my project off the needles!
I’m looking forward to lots more knitting this weekend. Enjoy!
Loolabub Sweater Wip
Check out loolabub’s progress on her sweater! I love the mauve color she chose.

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