Three Knit Hats: R2D2, Pretty Fair-Isle, and Cabled Baby Hat



Thanks to Ansley of Bleu Arts for pointing us to these three cute knit hat patterns for today. Here’s a cute R2D2 hat for the little Star Wars fan by So Much Yarn, So Little Time. Link.

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Next, this Red Light Special pattern by Brooklyntweed has a cool-looking fair-aisle pattern. Link.

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Finally, for a fun baby gift project, try your hand at delicate cabling by making this sweet cabled baby hat by Knitting Box. The orange sherbet color is perfect too! Link.

4 thoughts on “Three Knit Hats: R2D2, Pretty Fair-Isle, and Cabled Baby Hat

  1. Smidigt says:

    R2-D2 på mössan

    R2 D2 Hat – Cmeknit har lagt upp mönster och instruktioner till hur du kan sticka dig en mössa med Star Wars-roboten R2-D2 på. (Via Craftzine)

  2. Lorna says:

    I love the hat!! Could someone tell me how to make it in a smaller –premie– size– thanks, Lorna

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