Zorbing – human-sized hamster ball

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Zorbing – human-sized hamster ball

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Ok, who wants to help bring Zorbing to the USA? This looks awesome – “Zorbing – effectively throwing yourself down a slope in a giant ball – has become the latest extreme sport craze to sweep the world.” [via] – Link.

Pictured here, people inside zorbs, zorbing down the hill in Rotorua.


48 thoughts on “Zorbing – human-sized hamster ball

  1. Prussian7 says:

    Interesting, that the BBC article states 2000 as the time of invention. I saw this in the late 1970’s on a TV show in the US. I think the show was “That’s Incredible” but maybe it was “Real People”.

  2. dugnorth says:

    My friends and I came up with a similar thing for water.


    Dug North

  3. unithom says:

    The sport looks fantastic. However, try to get one, or rent one, or whatever. They keep it pretty close to the chest. I’m involved with a camp for kids with cancer. We called and emailed and basically tried to get some answer out of them and all they would say was, “sorry, the only way we’ll bring them is if you pay to ship one or two of these things, plus our people, etc.”

    Anyone wanna Make: one? ;)

  4. TommyGar says:

    I rode in a zorb ball recently and it was awesome. It truly is a different experience. I almost threw up afterwards though because i was already feeling sick before the ride. Anyways i did a little investigation to see if I could buy one for myself. Turns out there is a website that sells these zorb balls (but they call them Zorbanauts) for about $3000. Website is http://www.zorbasales.com . I’ve been in touch with the company and they seem pretty legit. I may have one myself soon!!!! Hope this helps in trying to find one.

  5. hypercore says:

    Hyper Core is the way forward.

    They offer Hydro Core Balls and Hyper Core Balls (one is used with water inside and the other without)

    The are a UK based company selling spheres that are similar to Zorb Balls, but are not associated with Zorb at all.

    Feel free to see the website http://www.hyper-core.co.uk or email info@hyper-core.co.uk.

    Tel. 0044 8454 566 586

    Thomas Peel

  6. chesney says:

    Can you say “BIG WASTE OF MONEY”?? The hyper core ball is copy cat junk.(Trying to copy the real Zorb ball) I got one and it cost me over $1000.00 plus shipping!! It ripped the first day I had it!! It cannot be fixed! It was too heavy to keep pushing up a hill before it ripped anyway. This company will not give me a refund so I’m stuck with a big ripped piece of junk!! I found there is a reason the real Zorb company will not sell them. They know that most people cannot use them. The real Zorb has a big carrier chain that brings them back up the hill. I found the site a zorb.com “Live and learn”

  7. SphereUSA says:

    It’s here…..come see the real deal:


  8. Ron Woodland says:

    I did it at SphereUSA in Brighton Michigan. Awesome!!! I think the guy said that they offer franchises. Go for it buddy….I’ll come.

  9. Michelle Carter says:

    My brother bought fake Zorb balls from three different companies. (Not Zorb, they won’t sell them for some reason.) To make a long story short. They were all crap! He would choke the life out of the “business criminals” if he could get hold of them. A flight to China and a fight with the government too? Yeah right! Even after trying the US copycats of Zorb, it was total junk. It would be funny if it hadn’t cost him so much time and money. If anyone would like to open a real Zorb franchise partnership with my brother to help with setup and cash, leave a message on this board. Thanks! Michelle Carter

    1. Andrew Akers says:

      Hi Michelle

      It’s been a while since you posted your comment, but if your brother is still wanting to develop a proper and compliant zorbing operation that is high quality, safe and fun – then he can contact us at OGO – http://www.theogo.com

      I am the original inventor of the zorb in New Zealand … now operating a new company for a variety of reasons and developing OGO sites in the USA and elsewhere around the world.

  10. Connor Tedesco says:

    load of junk the old ones aka. the fake ones. like somebody said, can’t be pulled back up te hill.

  11. Chelsea says:

    where can we rolling in the ball i live in Michigan?
    please e-mail me hughes_clh@yahoo.com

  12. Carla says:

    alright, there HAS to be a place in the U.S. that does zorbing. If you’ve seen the new toyota tundra commercial..you seen it haul 2 zorb balls on a trailer. you can see clearly the zorb name on the side of it too. i know that toyota does their commercials in the U.S. so somethings gotta give here!

  13. Carla says:

    alright, there HAS to be a place in the U.S. that does zorbing. If you’ve seen the new toyota tundra commercial..you seen it haul 2 zorb balls on a trailer. you can see clearly the zorb name on the side of it too. i know that toyota does their commercials in the U.S. so somethings gotta give here!

  14. Carla says:

    alright, there HAS to be a place in the U.S. that does zorbing. If you’ve seen the new toyota tundra commercial..you seen it haul 2 zorb balls on a trailer. you can see clearly the zorb name on the side of it too. i know that toyota does their commercials in the U.S. so somethings gotta give here!

  15. carla says:

    sorry about the multiple posts it kepts saying my security code was wrong.
    anyways i found an official ‘zorb’ place in the U.S.

    go to

    it’s in tennessee!

  16. me says:

    As far as I can find, there are 2 places in the US:

    Like someone already said, Brighton MI – http://www.sphereusa.com

    Also, they just opened an actual “Zorb” franchise in the Smokey Mountians in TN. You can find that website through http://www.zorb.com

    Hopefully more will start popping up throughout the US! Anyone know of any others, you should post it!

    1. pochito says:

      i find this website, and i get my big 3mts diam ZORB BALL
      should check it..www.ydbzballs.com they’re in california, and they even have water walking balls…those are amazing 2

  17. Deb says:

    I went Zorbing in Switzerland last August. What a blast! Anyone interested in opening a franchise in Arizona?

  18. mike says:

    can anyone tell me what is the cost to ride in one?

    1. Brandi says:

      Just went zorbing in Pigeon Forge, TN and it was awesome. I could only afford one ride in the water ball. Totally worth the price, but still way over priced. I could spend all day at a theme park for the price of one zorb ride which was over in a matter of seconds. It costs around $35 for one ride (over in 30 seconds). I will totally go again, but they def. need to work out a better ride/pay system. Like maybe by the hour or at least 3 rides for that price. They weren’t packed with people b/c it just was to expensive.

  19. Terry says:

    Ok, well I just posted something and it didn’t work. So I will try again. 3rd try (hopefully its a charm)

    I was at the SUN Microsystems Party for Java in SF and they had two of these balls there- they were called WIRLballs. Way cool. I spoke to the Mfg Reps and they were very nice and helpful. I just got the approval to purchase 4 of these for our company Teambuilding efforts (We’re gonna do Wirling Races) and just for pure enjoyment – company picnic will never be the same again! I can’t wait. Anyway, if you google Wirlball you should reach them, if not try Event City Network. See you rolling around- ha ha.

  20. Andrew Akers says:

    Hi guys

    My name is Andrew Akers and I am the inventor of zorbing … check out http://www.theogo.com which is the new company which I have set up for developing zorbing again … it’s a long story as to why I (along with the entire design and operational team) had to leave the original company I set up, involving investors and corporate fat cats doing what corporate fat cats do and getting ridiculously greedy … kind of the same old story that a lot of young developers get caught up in.

    Anyway …

    I’m sorry to hear of so many people getting yanked around with regard to the copy Zorb products that are out there.

    You’re right though … there are a LOT of very bad products being sold … cheap crap which doesn’t work and even worse, is really unsafe … there has been at least one really bad accident (in the USA) and tragically a school teacher was killed in the Czech Republic from terrible operators who did NOT know what they were doing using crappy copy products from China.

    If you really are interested in operating a fully compliant, fully commercial, high quality and safe zorbing operation – check us out at http://www.theogo.com and send us an e-mail, we’d love to talk.

    We have OGO operations in the USA (Pennsylvania and Massachusetts) and the UK and we are in the process of developing further sites around the world.

    In addition, check out one of our new products: http://www.thefishpipe.com

  21. Jim says:

    For those who would like to try zorbing but do not no where they could, I found a nice website about it! it is called SphereMania (www.spheremania.com) and they have a lot of locations all around the world, i think it is worth checking!!

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