3D Printed Mendocino Motor

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I got to play around with Chris Connors’ Mendocino Motor at Maker Faire New York last year. It consists of magnetically levitating pencils turned into motors with magnets, magnet wire, and 3D-printed joists.

The Mendocino Motor floats in its own magnetic field and converts light into electricity and magnetism, which are then converted into the motion of the motor.

Building and studying this project provides the satisfaction of creating an amazing bit of technology, and the opportunity to explore magnetism, electromagnetism, electric motors, solar power generation, and personal manufacturing.

Learn how to make the motor in MAKE Vol. 31 or check it out on Make Projects. Also check out Chris’s Lego Mendocino Motor!

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  1. rndm(mod) » 3D Printed Mendocino Motor says:

    […] Read the full article on MAKE […]

  2. Eric Chu says:

    Download our STL files for the Mendocino Motor on Thingiverse! http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:25296

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