Dremel Idea Builder 3D Printer Giveaway: The Winner Announced!

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Dremel Idea Builder 3D Printer Giveaway: The Winner Announced!


dremel_125x125_2The time has come! We must announce the winner of the Dremel Idea Builder 3D printer.

We began this contest last week with the topic of multi material use: something that used both 3d printed parts as well as non 3d printed parts. There were tons of entries. 433 comments in total with many of those being entries.

As usual, we loved far more than one. Many editors had a very hard time narrowing down their favorite. One editor insisted on giving me their “Top 14 entries!”. Our community is truly full of creative and amazing people.

Of course, a single entry must be chosen to be the winner. To choose that single winner, we had several key judging points.

  • Creativity: Did you come up with something interesting?
  • Feasibility: Is the project even possible?
  • Beauty: Every judge has their own opinion of what is beautiful. It may be intricacy, it may be simplicity. This allows the judges to include a healthy dose of personal opinion.

With those things in mind a winner has been chosen.

Vera submitted this creative and elegant furniture joining system that several of us were quite enamored with. It is creative, simple, and elegant. Great job Vera! We can’t wait to see what you pull off with your new 3D Printer!

This is my first exploration into 3d printed furniture components. The two white pieces are 3D printed. The wood is solid walnut. There are no mechanical fasteners or glues attaching the 3D pieces to the wood, or the wood pieces to each other. The only glue used was to affix the wooden planks to each other to make the table top.

My goal is to come up with a system of simple wood pieces and 3D connectors that can be easily assembled to create a variety of furniture types. The 3D printer allows me to explore joints that would otherwise be almost impossible to make. And the fact that there are no mechanical fasteners or glue makes it very easy to dis-assemble and ship. With my own 3D printer, I could more easily run through design iterations and prototypes.

Moving forward, I’d like to use a 3D printer to create casts for the joints, so I can explore other materials. I’d also like to design and develop other pieces of furniture that would be simple enough for anyone to make with a set of basic woodworking tools and a 3D printer. Goodbye, IKEA!

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