Formlabs Releases Draft Mode And Smart Supports

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Formlabs Releases Draft Mode And Smart Supports


In the constant pursuit to improve the user experience for their customers, Formlabs has announced two major software updates to the Form 1+. The first is Draft Mode, a lower resolution print mode that allows users to quickly create sample prints. Often during early development periods, a fine resolution print isn’t needed but instead, a rough draft with a fast turnaround time is more useful. Draft Mode on the Form 1+  provides the same print quality that is commonly found on FDM printers but at a fraction of the print time.


The second update is a new support structure mode called Smart Supports. In planning Smart Supports, the Formlabs team spent time looking at trussed bridges to figure out the best way to create support structures with a minimum usage of material. This resulted in an up to 60% reduction in material usage as compared to their previous support structures. Not only will this help reduce build time, it will also greatly reduce the resin cost to produce a print.

To help illustrate these new support structures, the Formlabs team created a 3D printable speaker. The speaker cone is printed with Formlabs recently released flexible resin. Magnets, wire, and an enclosure are still needed to complete the speaker. You can download the models to create your own speaker along with the new software update to support Draft Mode and Smart Supports from


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