Kill Switch: Your Keyboard Needs This Skull-Shaped Esc Button

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Kill Switch: Your Keyboard Needs This Skull-Shaped Esc Button


If you happen to be a villain of some type that has a 3D printer lying around your lair, command your minions to start printing one of these immediately. This skull keycap looks menacing in blue, but the red version is more likely to strike terror into your enemies’ hearts.

Besides the red, blue, or purple color, the skull has a cavity inside which allows light from the backlit keyboard to emanate from the eyes. The skull might not serve any purpose beyond looks, but since it’s replacing the “escape” key, you might feel better when you’re mashing it to end a process. That, or you can always blame your minions…

The skulls were made using a Craftbot 3D printer out of PLA thermoplastic.  It took around 90 minutes to extrude each of these little guy. The print was then smoothed with acrylic cement to give it the texture seen in the gallery below.

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This print was seen on the mechanical keyboards section of reddit. Apparently some people are quite particular about the look and feel of their keyboards. According to the discussion, the one used here is a “Poker 2 with clears and doubleshot PBT+POM kepcaps.” You may know what that means.

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