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4 - Hunt or Be Hunted

It all started with a phone call from a buddy over at 2K:  “Do you know of anyone who can build four real-world props from an upcoming sci-fi videogame?” I quickly replied, “Are you talking about Evolve?” Before he could even finish saying “yes” I was already talking about how we could do it here at Make: magazine. And so we are! I’m happy to announce that Make: magazine partnered up with 2K to build some real-world prop weapons for their upcoming video game, Evolve.


Over the next few weeks, we’ll post the work-in-progress shots straight from the shop of our favorite prop maker, Shawn Thorsson and the Make: magazine labs. 2K will give us some sneak peeks into what’s going on in the game, and reveal some of the concept art behind the weapons you’ll use. And all along the way, we’ll give you some insight into how we make these futuristic props to inspire you!

Evolve: A Game of 4v1

The best way to sum up Evolve – in case you’re not familiar with the E3 2014 Best-of-Show winner: It’s a game that stacks four Hunters that must work together as a team to stalk an evolving Monster. Here’s the catch: You get to choose between hunting the monster or BEING THE MONSTER. (When I first learned that you could play AS a Cuthulu-looking monster called the Kraken, I was sold.)

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The creators of Left 4 Dead, Turtle Rock Studios, teamed up with 2K so you know that they have the atmosphere and teamwork elements nailed. As for the Hunters in the game, each one has unique abilities and weapons. And the Monsters are huge. Larger than life Huge. Take Goliath here.


2K has already built a two-story version of this one. It’s been intimidating attendees at various trade shows…but what about the Hunters? That’s where we come in. We asked 2K about which four Hunter weapons they’d like to see brought to life.

Starting next week, we’ll start revealing which props we’re building, pictures, and process updates. Stay tuned over the next few weeks and watch as this game becomes reality! Until then, here’s a little sneak peek at Shawn Thorsson’s talents in action:



The Make: Believe series is all about telling the stories of prop-builders, sculptors, monster-makers and anyone who forges fantasy into reality. In fact, next week is Make: Believe week over at our Maker Camp summer program.

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