MakerBot CupCake Transformer is 1000X awesome

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MakerBot CupCake Transformer is 1000X awesome

Up until I saw this entry I felt a little bad about not having time to draw up my MakerBot contest entry in Blender… but after seeing industrial designer Joel Miller’s entry, well, I still wish I had entered but any illusions about winning are long gone. Wow! Brilliant job.

What’s cooler than transformers? A Cupcake CNC transformer with a Bre head? This is a fully articulated assembly that transforms from a Cupcake CNC to a Bre-bot. I started with a snap-together design (see the attached concept sketches) but migrated to a bolt-together kit or various reasons. The final design allows for fine adjustment of the joint tension so the transformer can stand in any position but still be movable, positionable, transformable!

4 thoughts on “MakerBot CupCake Transformer is 1000X awesome

  1. SilverAdept says:

    Yeah I got the same feeling as I saw this post.
    But wow, that is so damn cool.

  2. says:

    Can’t wait to see someone print this.

    The Thingiverse page is here :

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