Review: Meyer Makes Engineering Resin for 3D Printing

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Review: Meyer Makes Engineering Resin for 3D Printing

Manufacturer: Meyer Makes


Price: $72.61

Resin based 3D prints are notoriously brittle, even when advertised as tough. Meyer Makes Engineering Resin surprised me though, with how durable it really is. Right off the printer, this stuff looks yellowish but gets clearer as it cures. The durability is really impressive. Thin parts can flex and bend without shearing and thicker parts hold up to impressive abuse. 

There are profiles and settings on the website, which I found worked immediately without tweaking.

I would actually feel confident using this to print an enclosure for something and then dropping it without worry. As you can see below, I dropped this hollow skull on concrete and it didn’t shatter. I would never dare doing this even with one of the “tough” or “ABS-Like” resins.

To further demonstrate just how tough this stuff is, some folks printed the trucks for a skateboard and actually skated on it.

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At the cost, this probably isn’t something you want to use for printing everything, but if you need to do some rugged parts or quick production pieces, this might be exactly what you’re looking for. 


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