Ridiculous Mechanism Punches 3D Prints off Your Printer

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Ridiculous Mechanism Punches 3D Prints off Your Printer

There have been multiple solutions to the problem of automatically removing 3D prints from your 3D printers’ build platform — from Makerbot’s patented Automated Build Platform to Ultimaker’s script to bump the prints off after they are complete.

Now MatterHackers have made a little video of the best method I have found yet: Punch-Out! Using a printed telescoping scissor arm with a cartoonish boxing glove attached to the end, prints are knocked off the platform with a single blow. While this may not always be practical, it is certainly a comical presentation.

Of course, when MatterHackers isn’t creating awesome devices like this, they are spending their time bringing other technologies to the 3D printing community. Their MatterControl software is an excellent slicing system for anyone looking for options other than Slic3r or Cura for Gcode compatible machines (like RepRaps, Lulzbot, SeeMeCNC, or Printrbot). MatterControl’s simple interface makes processes like plating, resizing, and changing orientation of parts much easier than in Cura or Slic3r.

For those on the go, MattherHackers has introduced the MatterControl Touch, an Android tablet that comes ready to go with MatterControl installed and a USB to go cable for easy connection to your printers. Models can be downloaded from file sharing sites with the built-in web browser, or synced to the tablet with services like Dropbox. Files can then be sliced locally, and all printer control tasks — such as adjusting temperatures or moving the printer’s axis — can be performed via the tablet. No more needing to lug around a laptop to use your 3D printer on the go.

Finally, if you are looking for an amazing selection of filaments to use with your 3D printer, MatterHackers has you covered. On top of your standard selection of ABS and PLA filaments, MatterHackers stocks a large collection of specialty filaments that are often hard to find, especially all from one location.

So while I hope to see more entertaining 3D printing videos like the one above from MatterHackers, I look even more forward to seeing more of the practical innovation they’re known for.

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