This 3D Printed Vecna Is A Stranger Things Music Video

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This 3D Printed Vecna Is A Stranger Things Music Video

Like many other folks out there, Thanks to Stranger Things Season 4, I’ve been vibing to “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush. It was a great song back then and it’s still great. It’s wiggled it’s way back into our popular culture and even into our 3D printing! Literally, it’s wiggled it’s way into Prash’s 3D printed Vecna music video.

Prash has been exploring the concept of creating interesting animations embedded into his 3d printing timelapses for a while now. You can find a bunch more examples on his TikTok and Twitter (there’s a LOT more on TikTok). Typically he’s been embedding text and timing it to work with music which has a hypnotizing result.

You might recognize this concept. A few weeks ago I posted my own take on embedding animations in 3d printed timelapses. When I posted mine, people showed me Prash’s work that he’d already been doing quite a while. It’s really clever! Another person pointed out these explorations of animations using layers of clay 3d printing by Bryan Cera. I really like how we’ve all come to interesting alternative displays of 3d printing from slightly different angles.

Prash, being awesome, has broken down his process a bit on his TikTok so that you can also explore this process. I’m having difficulty embedding it right now, but you can find the breakdown here.


Reply to @mamazoke4 Tutorial on how to determine feature heights from the audio track. @tangythang @diygarage_socal @emmathe3dmodeler @andyrewk @imperialoverkill

♬ Forever – Labrinth
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