Ultimaker Unveils Big and Small Ultimaker 2s

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Ultimaker Unveils Big and Small Ultimaker 2s


Ultimaker is one of the world’s leading desktop 3D printing brands with one of the top performing printers from our 3D Printing Shootout this year. Today, they have announced two new models in the Ultimaker 2 line: the Ultimaker 2 Extended and the Ultimaker 2 Go.

The Extended will have the same X and Y dimensions as the tried and true Ultimaker 2 but will add an additional 10cm (4 inches) in build height. For many, this additional build height will make projects that were previously out of reach now possible.

The Go is Ultimaker’s entry into the portable market, but is also perfect for those who don’t have the space or budget for its larger two siblings. The Go boasts many of the same features as the Ultimaker 2 and the Extended, but shrinks the printer’s physical dimensions down by roughly 10cm in all directions. This leaves the user with a 120mm x 120mm x 115mm build area.

All three machines boast print speeds of up to 300mm/s and can print in a stunning .02mm layer height resolution. The Go and Extended will be available for pre-order from Ultimaker in a few months, while the Ultimaker 2 is available now in the Makershed. Find out more at Ultmaker.com.

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