Use Your 3D Printer To Make Gorgeous 2D Art With HueForge

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Use Your 3D Printer To Make Gorgeous 2D Art With HueForge

3D printing is always surprising us with new and inventive ways of using the somewhat simple machines. In this case, there is a new software called HueForge that creates beautifully rendered 2D art work using very limited colors and materials allowed by 3D printing.

To understand what HueForge is and why it is so neat, we first have to break down what the limitations of 3D printers are when it comes to 2D art.

  • You have limited colors, typically only 4 if you’re using a fancy auto color changer
  • the nozzle is relatively large when it comes to print. usually .4 to .6mm which is huge compared to a pixel on your screen

HueForge overcomes these two big difficulties by utilizing the semi transparent nature of very thin plastic to achieve gradient effects. With only a hand full of colors, it appears to create variations that defy how you’d expect layered plastic to work.

Actually, having a gradient at all is kind of mind blowing when you think about the fact that you’re just laying down layers of plastic.

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This explainer video from Lost in Tech really does a great job of showing off the strengths of this software. At $12 for a personal license, it is an easy decision to buy this just to tinker.

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