What up at the BotCave?

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What up at the BotCave?

MakerBot co-founder and former MAKE contributor Bre Pettis wrote a long post on MakerBot.com about what goes on at the BotCave:

When you order your MakerBot Thing-O-Matic, it says 7 week lead time. That means that it’s our goal to ship it out within 7 weeks. Because there are more than 200 different types of parts from a massive amount of suppliers, operations at MakerBot are challenging and the operations team here at MakerBot works hard to get things here on time and sometimes our suppliers meet their delivery dates and a lot of times they don’t. We’ve had issues where we order something and the first batch is perfect and the second batch is junk that we have to send back and start over with another supplier. Also, sometimes we go back to order more of something and find that there aren’t anymore and we have to get them manufactured from scratch.

He also took a bunch of pics of MakerBot employees, including our favorite, Make: Online contributor Matt Metts in his new digs! Yay Matt!

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