Review: LaserPecker 4 Dual Diode

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Review: LaserPecker 4 Dual Diode

Price: $1,999


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  • 10W blue diode laser
  • 2W IR Laser
  • extended bed area
  • fully portable
  • Hight Speed Galvo
  • Touch screen control


This is their fourth generation of this product, so as you’d expect, the packaging is all very refined. This feels like unboxing a finished product, as it should. The finish on the machine, and the fit of all the parts is fantastic. It really just exudes quality. There’s no part of this that feels thin, creaky, or flexy like you so often find in diode lasers.

In use

Running this laser is fairly standard when going from the PC. Their supplied software does fine (it also works with lightburn, which is great). What is clever is that you can dump files onto the laser and run them later from the built in touch-screen on top. That would be particularly helpful if you were taking this laser to some big object to add engraving – a huge selling point for this form factor.

The lasers aren’t particularly strong. The blue diode is 10 watts, so it can cut a little bit of soft wood or thin materials and engrave like you’d expect. The IR laser is 2 watts, which is technically functional but don’t expect to be removing much material each pass.

yes, my dog’s name is Steve.

One huge advantage this machine has over other diodes in this classis that it uses a galvo. This means it can be smaller and faster than others. It also means that previewing files is really great as long as you’re working with vectors, which is especially important when going portable and putting designs on bigger objects.

Pros and cons

On the positive side, the team seems to have worked very hard to make this laser easy to use. It feels rock solid and has the touch screen so you can run stored files. The price is very competitive when you consider the dual laser aspect of this machine.

On the negative side, the power isn’t huge. For IR, you’re working with 2 Watts, which means you’ll be able to mark metals but if you’re wanting to really carve you’ll be spending a lot of time doing multiple passes. I did find some peculiar missing items from the pc software (like the ability to enter a diameter when doing round things on desktop) but the mobile software seemed fully functional so I suspect that’ll be a quick bug fix.


Yeah yeah, the name is funny. Frankly, the first version of this laser ages ago didn’t even seem like anything I was interested in. However, the LaserPecker4 has really impressed me in both construction and capability. This feels very capable for such a small and compact system. A portable laser that totally feels like it’ll handle pretty much any engraving task I toss at it on metal and non metal. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this, as long as someone doesn’t need strong cutting.

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