Pneumatic PVC Nerf Gun

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Pneumatic PVC Nerf Gun

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Youtube user TopCityGear had experimented with a nerf blowgun before, but decided he wanted a bit more capability. The result is an air-powered gun made from PVC, a gutted cordless drill, and a sprinkler valve.

The air reservoir is pumped to capacity with a standard Schraeder valve. The air then passes through the empty cordless drill and into the sprinkler valve. The man behind TopCityGear came up with an interesting hack here. He wired the trigger of the drill to the actuator in the sprinkler valve, giving him realistic control over his shot.

The video gives pretty detailed explanation of the device, but if you want to skip to the action go to 8:25.


[via Hacked Gadgets]

10 thoughts on “Pneumatic PVC Nerf Gun

  1. Draconis says:

    This is completely ridiculous. Let me count the ways…
    1. Without a built in pump, you must have compressor nearby to be able to fire the thing.
    2. This shouldn’t even be labeled as nerf, because the operable projectile is a steel nail, not a fun foam dart.
    3. That tank is far larger than it needs to be, and much of the air is wasted out of that short barrel.
    4. PVC isn’t really a safe material to be pressurizing with any gas.

    I don’t understand MAKE anymore. Nearly every instance of Nerf related builds that you have posted on this blog has been overbuilt, under-imagined designs that usually disregard wallet, safety, common sense, and physics. I challenge you, the editors, to put in a little effort and look at what the Nerf Internet Community can really do, and not these posers whom are only out to teach kids how to injure themselves.

  2. Michael says:

    What about the action that occurs at 10:55? I don’t believe that is the type of ‘testing’ that Make generally supports…

  3. johnny says:

    wow, this isn’t all that impressive. I built one too, but mine actually shoots nerf darts. Shoots em’ clean through soda cans too. Plus, it doesn’t need a cordless drill, just some 9V batteries, and it has at least a few safety features. One being an automatic vent valve, and main valve cutoff, so that it only empties a little air with each shot.

  4. johnny says:

    also, how stupid are you to get shot by a nerf dart that powerful, TWICE? A four-foot barrel puts them through aluminum. Plus, why would you fire a nail at a board and stand RIGHT WHERE IT WOULD RICKOCHET (I believe I spelled that wrong), that thing is practially an arrow, or maybe a bullet even. You could have had it bounce into your knee, then you would have to tell people that you used to make stuff, unitl you took an arrow to the knee. Okay, I’m done safetly-raging now.

  5. Josh Einstein says:

    Jackass meets Mythbusters.

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