7 Vans Converted into Tiny Homes on Wheels

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When you see vans roaming around your neighborhood they are likely delivering packages or people to their proper destination. You may have thought that given their relatively large size, you could sleep in one. If so, you’re not the only one: Check out this list of DIY sleeper vans suited for rural or urban camping!

The “Vanual” Mobile Studio


In perhaps the best-looking conversion on this list, this van features pop-out windows, a solid-looking roof rack, and a wooden interior. You can see more photos here, or a nicely done how-to guide on the “Vanual” page.

[via Reddit]

Suzuki Carry “Tin Tent 2”


As the owner’s only vehicle, this van was built up to still be quite functional as a daily driver. Like the first van, there’s a lot of info on the build. It’s another good option if you’re considering building one of these, especially if you’re in the UK.

Van Dog Traveler


If you don’t need your van to be a daily driver or fit in to an urban environment, this van conversion might be for you. Although not as stealthy as some, it’s likely much more comfortable!

The Bella Quirky Camper


If you want something small and unique, the Bella camper might be for you. Although there aren’t instructions on the build, if you’re in the UK or Europe you can rent it for your next adventure!

Rustic Campers


If you need a little help converting your van into something spectacular (and you reside in the UK), Rustic Campers may be able to help. They are able to source everything for your conversion. An example can be seen above, and they have many more ideas for different camper styles on their website!

Tacoma Sleeping Platform


If these van conversions seem like too much work, simply adding a sleeping platform to the back of a truck may work out nicely. You might not have the same amenities as the “full” vans shown here, but you likely won’t be spending much time there anyway while on a trip!

[via  Reddit]

Phoenix Van


Although I don’t know much about this incredible rig, the description says that it’s based on a VW Bus chassis, and the top folds out to allow a six-foot adult to stand. Also, it was used in the movie Total Recall if that swings your opinion of it one way or the other!

[via Reddit]

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