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My pal Willow Brugh, of Jigsaw Renaissance, wrote to tell us about the GWOBorg Hackathon they’re hosting, on 10/10/10:

Use your powers of Geek for Good! First responders in crisis situations need better tools. Come participate at the 10.10.10 hack-a-thon to help them out!

What: a 24-hour hack-a-thon with food and drinks provided. Starting ideas on what to build can be found here.

Why: the reasoning is two-fold: altruistic – to build ways to assist first responders in crisis situations. selfish – you (and the space you participate with) are eligible to win $1010.

How: Register (for free). Event runs from 7a Saturday to 7a Sunday PST. Weird timing, I know, but it’s (inter)national!

Where: The Seattle event is being hosted by Jigsaw. Associating with Jigsaw and attending at Jigsaw are mutually exclusive and are not required. (ex: you can mark Jigsaw as your space, but not attend physically; you can attend at Jigsaw but mark another space as your connection; you can hang out with us while we code and not do anything; etc) Check out eventbrite to find out if your local space is participating. Not listed? Want to put one together? Register, and someone from the Tropo sponsor will reach out to you about providing food and such!

BTW: You may recall that ugliness over the whole “Geeks Without Borders” naming conflict. It’s been resolved. “GWOBorg” now stands for “Geeks Without Bounds.” Problem solved. Yay.

10.10.10 Hack-A-Thon!

Geeks Without Borders

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