AS220 Labs at next week’s Providence Geek Dinner

AS220 Labs at next week’s Providence Geek Dinner

AS220 Labs

AS220 Labs, Providence’s shared workspace/teaching space/community junkpile is presenting at the next Providence Geek Dinner, Wednesday June 17:

The Labs help to build technically literate audiences and communities of artists by hosting workshops and providing access to tools and techniques such as those of the Providence Fab Lab (in partnership with MIT).

Fresh back from Maker Faire, where he garnered the Editor’s Choice Blue Ribbon for Drawbot, AS220 Labs Director Shawn Wallace will give an overview of the Lab’s unique programs (including the Make and Break series and June 12-14’s 3D Printing Summit) and fascinating projects (over a dozen including Fluxamabob). Shawn will also explain how community members (that’s you!) can get plugged in.

June Geek Dinner – Wed. the 17th 5:30-8:30pm @ AS220 featuring AS220 Labs


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