AS220 Labs grand opening: Friday Jan 7th in Providence RI

AS220 Labs grand opening: Friday Jan 7th in Providence RI

AS220 Mercantile Block

AS220 Labs Coordinator James Rutter wrote in to let us know about their grand opening on Friday:

I am very excited to announce that the labs is officially moved into the mercantile block [pictured above] and is fully functional. We are going to be hosting our first ever Annual Labs Social, which will serve to be our grand opening and first public event in the new space. The party will include entertainment from electronic band, “Math The Band” as well as trippy visual displays of hacked video games. We will also be giving tours and demos of our digital fabrication labs – lasers will be involved! It will be a good opportunity to bring new people into the space and check out what were doing, and get people plugged in and join as members.

When: Friday, January 7th 7-10PM
Where: 131 Washington Street, Providence, RI – The main entrance to the labs is around the back of the building on Martha Street.
What: Labs Social/Grand Opening Party
Why: Because we just moved into a new space and want to show it off to the rest of the world!

AS220 Labs


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