Blip Festival 2007 – last day workshops and bands

Blip Festival 2007 – last day workshops and bands

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Day 4, the final day of BLIP is here, photos from last night (above) and today’s workshop/band schedule! –

Surreal-Time: Modern Art With Retro Code
(by Pheonix/Hornet)

Pixel Pushing the PPU: An Introduction to NES Graphics
(by No Carrier)

(by Lionel Brouet)

Make Pt0119

Blip Festival 2007 – Link.

…and here are 3 videos from last night!

Bodenständig 2000 rules!

12 thoughts on “Blip Festival 2007 – last day workshops and bands

  1. pt says:

    test comment!

  2. blipper says:


  3. asthro says:

    poor frenchie of Me, I’d like to be in NY for this festival !
    Is it projected to be performed in France ?

    you lcky guyz..

  4. Dirkus says:

    Looks like it was neat stuff, but I can’t get the videos to play without being a slide show with skipping sound on any of the 4 computers I’ve tried now. Anyone else having this problem? Can we pretty please get these in a lower rez Youtube video form for those of us with legacy hardware?

    (Duron 1.3GHz with S3 onboard video, Athlon 900MHz with nVidia GeForce 2 graphics, 1.3GHz eMac G4 with ATI graphics {overclocked}, P4 2GHz with Intel onboard graphics. Why yes, I do use my hardware until it executes an HCF opcode, why do you ask?)

  5. Dirkus says:

    Also having problems with a P4 HT 3GHz with nVidia Quadro graphics. I’m thinking it isn’t just my legacy hardware that’s doing it. Can we pretty please not use player any more? Or at least use it at a lower resolution?

  6. pt says:

    hmm, no problems here on a mac or a slow-ish pc. i’ll start experimenting and see what’s up/

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