Bottle Cap Cycling Mirror


This bottle cap rear view mirror is brilliant! It looks like the rider can wire the mirror to any pair of glasses. So clever! Safety first! UPDATE: This post originated from the lovely blog bikesandthecity. Despite the name, it’s not just a blog about bikes! There’s coffee, fashion, and all things San Francisco!

6 thoughts on “Bottle Cap Cycling Mirror

  1. meligrosa says:

    under CC, via flickr>
    +my blog
    it would be much appreciated and curteous, if you could please credit my picture and link.
    thanks -meli

  2. Brookelynn says:

    Hi! Thanks for writing in to take credit for this super genius idea! I picked it up off MissionMisson, but am thrillled to be able to point our readers to the source! Thanks! Cheers! Brookelynn

  3. meligrosa says:

    sure =)

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