Tracking The NYC Subway Using FPGAs

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Tracking The NYC Subway Using FPGAs

As a pre-pandemic New Yorker, the most frustrating part of my morning commute was walking into the station right as the doors were closing on my train then having to wait 20+ minutes until the next one (the struggles of riding the C train in Brooklyn). As a post-pandemic New Yorker, I’d very much like to limit the amount of time I have to spend in the train station as much as humanly possible once my office opens back up and I am no longer working from home.

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Since my Ultra96 has established itself as a permanent fixture on my home network with my various other SDR web applications, I decided to add another web application I could pull up on my phone that queries the realtime feed for the A/C/E line and parses out the specific alerts and tracking information for the C line so I can time when I leave my apartment to match when the northbound C train will arrive in my local station.

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