CRAFT Holiday Gift Guide 2009: Gifts You Can Make


They say, “It’s the thought that counts.” And in the crafting world, those are words to live by. Handmade gifts are the direct result of your time, creative energy, and resourcefulness. Whether you spend ages on one person, or you create an assembly line and make dozens of presents for everyone at once, crafty gifts from your own hand are sure to make the recipient happy. And crafting is what makes you happy, right? They also say, “Tis better to give than receive.”
Here are 10 special projects direct from us at Craft. I’ve selected them from the past year of posts. Consider them just one of our crafty gifts to you! And for even more ideas, check out the ’07 guide too!
Projects that don’t require sewing are the best, right? This no-sew blanket will keep your loved ones cozy.

There is a very good reason that Susan Beal’s Yoda Hat is on this list. Simply put, if children don’t wear Yoda hats, the Dark Side could rule the entire universe!

These felt house slippers are one of the all time most popular projects on our site. Feltmaking is a great winter time activity because the hot water warms you up! These are easy to make, and even easier to wear!

This Kitsch to Cool project by Jessica Wilson made the gift guide because I would like for everyone to follow the tutorial and send the resulting presents to ME. I think that most hipsters on your list would feel the same way.
This scrub made of brown sugar smells SO GOOD. I think it’s the perfect gift for kids to make for mom.
We all know someone with a very fashionable home- the type of place where every piece of decor was chosen for its great design. This beautiful crochet covered bowl by Vickie Howell is the perfect gift for them.
This gift is actually three gifts in one! Jenny Ryan’s original idea for a coloring set birthday present can just as easily be given during the holidays!
Recycle old knits into new scarves with this simple and fast project. Choose materials with colors and textures that remind you of your dear friends and family.
Simple jewelry like this scrap fabric necklace by Jenny Ryan, appeal to everyone. It’s pretty, it’s crafty, and it’s totally on trend. This is the perfect gift for your fashionista BFF!

Pets need presents too! This CRAFT video by Becky Stern shows you how to make not one, but two types of cat toys.

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