Glassy, Glitzy, Papery New Year’s Eve Decorations

Glassy, Glitzy, Papery New Year’s Eve Decorations

CRAFT: Celebrate the Season
Now that I’m not making Christmas gifts for family and friends, I switched over to decorations for our New Year’s Eve Party tomorrow night. I’m going for the glitz and DIY look, so here’s a variety of things I made after a quick trip to the craft store that didn’t take long to make and weren’t expensive to buy.
How-To: Etched Glass Centerpieces

I got the idea after seeing a Martha Stewart segment where she used her paper punches and Contact paper to create DIY stencils for the etching. That worked really well – I used the Contact paper idea to create my own stencil for personalized champagne flutes, as you’ll see in a minute.
Working with the Armour Etch etching cream was pretty easy. After I created my stencil (a basic circle), and cleaned the $2.99 glass container I picked up from the craft store, I applied the stencil to the surface. I made sure to have extra Contact paper around the actual stencil shape to serve as a spill-over area.
Using a good brush I bought for etching, apply the cream. The package says to apply a thick layer – they’re not kidding. I found that by globbing it on I got the best results. Once done applying, I let the piece set for five minutes before carefully peeling off the stencils. A quick rinse and I was good to go. Since I was going for a New Year’s Eve ball theme, I took some clearance-scored Christmas ornaments, icicles, and a few glitzy foam balls I made and filled the container for my centerpiece.
I made the “Take It to 11” flutes by simply cutting out the number and using the same technique. I used embroidery scissors to make the small cuts.
This was my first time etching – any etchers out there who can provide some of their own tips and tricks?
NYE Papercrafting
I’ve been keeping an eye out for sales at the craft stores after the holiday season to stock up on good paper, do-dads, etc., that can be used any time of year. The following New Year’s Eve decorations are all paper-based and were inexpensive, and easy, to make.
Host-and-Hostess Ribbons
We’ll be wearing these tomorrow night at our party. Just two paper-punched circles with glitzy ribbon taped to the back and a small pinback hot-glued on.
Paper Garland
Using the paper punches once again, I used a variety of blacks, creams, whites, and silvers to create a long piece of paper garland. Two circles, of each color, are hot-glued to their spot on the twine.
Host Gift Bag
If you’re taking something to a party, make sure the presentation is just as festive as the gift. I took a store shopping bag and covered up the logos with the circles. As you can see, it’s definitely a globe-like theme for us!
Glitzy Decorations
Rhinestone Wreath
Using a floral ring and a big bag o’ rhinestones, I hot-glued them on, row by row, and added some clearance ornaments I found at the store. A piece of ribbon to hang it and you’re done. I didn’t paint my wreath form because I didn’t mind a bit of the natural color showing through, but you could definitely paint this.
Vintage Glass Vases
I love vintage party-themed glasses and these are perfect. They’ve got some guys-and-gals party accessories on them along with a clock. I added some garland for filler and then stuffed it with a centerpiece spray and some stems of vintage glass beads. These will be added to our etched pieces.
If you’re lucky, your cat with try and add in her opinion on the decorations, too.
Well, there you have it! Some ideas for New Year’s Eve decorations. Have a good time, wherever you are!

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